Data Loss (Leak) Prevention

Data loss can occur on any device that stores data. Although any loss of data, even a simple misplacement, is by definition technically a loss, what we are primarily concerned with is the permanent loss of data that is important to your business’ ongoing success. 

Types of Data Loss

  • Human error – accidental or unknowing data deletion, modification, overwrite
  • File corruption – software error, virus infection
  • Hardware – drive failure, controller failure, cpu failure
  • Site-related – theft, fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, etc. 

According to a report on data loss in Europe, over 6% of PCs will suffer data loss in any year – a total of 1.7 million incidents. The report identifies six main causes of loss of data:

  • Hardware failure, including damage by power surge and drive failure (42%)
  • Human error, including accidental deletion (31%)
  • Software file corruption (13%)
  • Virus-infection (7%)
  • Theft, especially laptop theft, (5%)
  • Hardware loss, including floods, fires, lightning, power failure (3%)