WAN Acceleration & Optimization Solution Providers

WAN optimization (WAN acceleration) is a technique used to improve the competence of flow of data across a WAN (wide area network). By optimizing WAN, the speed of accessing important applications and data is improved.The process of WAN optimization usually includes prioritizing traffic, duplication of data, caching of data, protocol spoofing, and few other functions.


Array Networks WAN Optimization & Acceleration Solution Providers with their product Array aCelera WAN optimization controllers increases the speed of data transfers, monitors the network in order to scan for non-essential traffic, enforces guidelines about internet usage and reduces the amount of traffic while Riverbed WAN Optimization & Acceleration Solution Providers with their SteelHead SaaS, speeds up SaaS applications and cloud-based services like Office 365 and Salesforce.com. We offer revolutionary features such as client software is not needed for deployment, no modification required in the deployment of SteelHead appliances, and no variations required to your infrastructure.


The WAN acceleration can significantly increase the speed of file data transfers and the performance of many other applications. It prioritizes traffic, compresses the data size to the bandwidth limit use, caches data and does other benefits. Riverbed WAN Optimization & Acceleration Authorized Dealers like us accelerates the transfer of applications to the branch and from the cloud, and allows IT to prioritize transfer of important applications over the fastest networks.


We offer unique features for application and data reorganizing across the WAN and Internet to provide the finest end-user experience irrespective of location, network, or device while radically reducing network bandwidth. Array Networks WAN Optimization & Acceleration Authorized Dealers control stream-based differencing, the blueprints of applications, single instance store, and network, TCP and application optimizations. Their aCelera solutions alleviate the effects of limited bandwidth, high latency, and packet loss. We offer these solutions effectively and impeccably yet at very cheap prices.