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Array Networks Server Load Balancer

Array networks server load balancer



In Array Networks, the Server load balancing provides high availability of servers with evenly distributing loads across servers and maintaining session persistence. Organizations deploy enterprise applications including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, SAP and eClinicalWorks with Array load balancing solutions.

The web servers hosting a load-balanced site may have public IP addresses, but visitors accessing the site won’t actually connect directly to the servers. Instead, they will first access a load balancer appliance and let it handle the traffic appropriately. A Virtual IP Address is created that is only present on the load balancer. The site’s DNS host record for WWW will be pointed to this IP.

Array Networks provides:

  1.   High-performance virtual load balancing consists VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, OpenXen and KVM environments.
  2.   Load balancing any number of servers from a single URL and IP address to maintain session persistence across multiple servers.
  3.   Offload SSL and TCP processing gives up to 10x greater server efficiency.
  4.   Caching offload requests from servers reduces time.
  5.  Compression and SSL acceleration gives up to 5x better application performance.

The data in the servers can be compressed to reduce the data transmitted over the wide area networks (WAN). For this the SSL offloading increases server efficiency and application performance. These improve application availability, performance and security while enabling dynamic, flexible and elastic provisioning in cloud and virtual environments.

For customizable control over application traffic Array Networks provide advanced load balancers such as

1.      Array’s APV Series

APV Series appliances maintain connections, ensure persistence, direct traffic away from failed servers and intelligently distribute application services across multiple servers for optimized performance and availability. These are dedicated appliances from 2 Gbps to 140 Gbps and virtual appliances with software upgrades from 10 Mbps to 4 Gbps.

It load balances traffic across optimal WAN links to reduce costs and improve the performance of business-critical applications. High-performance, kernel-level Layer-7 policy engine enables customizable application traffic management without impacting performance or scalability.

2.      AVX Series

Array’s AVX Series virtualized appliances provide dedicated resources to support up to 32 fully independent application delivery controller (ADC) or secure remote and mobile access (SSL VPN) virtual appliances.

It has High-performance of 65Gbps and 115Gbps virtualized appliances, supporting up to 16 or 32 instances respectively. This eliminates truck rolls for provisioning high performance load balancing and access services. The AVX Series also supports multi-level high availability, providing redundancy and failover capability across the virtualized appliances as well as constituent vAPV and vxAG instances.


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