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Array Networks WAN Optimization

Array networks wan optimization



WAN optimization is a collection of techniques for increase of data-transfers across wide-area networks (WAN). It is the distance between endpoints and the amounts of data transferred between them. WAN optimization solutions from Array Networks helps to accelerate enterprise applications, improves backup and recovery times and reduces bandwidth and infrastructure costs.


Wan Optimization uses few techniques:

  1.   Deduplication: Eliminates the transfer of redundant data across the WAN by sending references instead of the actual data.
  2.   Compression: ZIP, RAR, ARJ etc. are applied to data passing through hardware based WAN acceleration appliances.
  3.   Latency optimization: The local WAN optimizer will answer the requests of the client locally instead of forwarding the request to the remote server in order to leverage write-behind and read-ahead mechanisms to reduce WAN latency.
  4.   Forward error correction: Checks for the packet loss by adding another loss recovery packet for every packet that is sent.
  5.   Connection limits: Prevents access gridlock in and to denial of service or to peer.


WAN optimization solutions mitigate the effects of limited bandwidth, high latency, packet loss and network congestion to improve application response times by more than 50x and reduce bandwidth utilization by up to 95%.

Features of WAN Optimization from Array Networks:

  • These prioritize and compress application traffic by eliminating the transmission of redundant data in the network.
  • Deploys optimization in place of remote and distributed servers.
  • Optimizes WAN traffic to increase throughput for backup and recovery.
  • Virtualized WAN optimization supports VMware ESXi hypervisors and Windows Server.
  • Window resizing, persistent connections and small packet aggregation for dramatically improving TCP performance.


WAN optimization controllers

WAN optimization controllers are used for accelerating remote application delivery. These are available on high-performance Array appliances or as software for cloud and virtualized environments. aCelera WAN optimization improves the performance of business-critical applications across WAN.


aCelera speeds up data transfers and reduce application response times over wide area networks by reducing the amount of traffic transmitted between remote offices, remote users, data centers and clouds. They are available as physical appliances ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps throughput. It delivers superior acceleration, the ability to scale seamlessly, flexible hardware and software options for data center, cloud and remote environments, comprehensive centralized management and integration with 3rd party management systems and end-to-end security.


Where scalability and performance across the WAN is a critical factor, aCelera physical and virtual appliances or Windows software solutions may be deployed to cost-effectively deliver LAN-like performance from anywhere to anywhere.


Single instance store prevents an unchanged data is not sent over the network twice. The store also prevents multiple copies of the same data from being stored and maintained. This enables predictive preloading based on usage patterns.


Array Networks provide integrated traffic shaping to prioritize and secure traffic on the network with guaranteed bandwidth which is assigned to hosts, networks, ports and applications.


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