Barracuda Link Load Balancer Solutions Hyderabad, India

Barracuda Link Load Balancer Solutions

Barracuda link load balancer solutions



Barracuda Link Load Balancer Solutions:-


Barracuda Networks, Inc. is a public traded company engaged in providing simple and cost effective IT solutions to the IT industry. Barracuda link load balancer is prepared to balance the traffic of numerous ISP links. It is eligible to balance inbound and outbound traffic simultaneously. It is easy to implement in the existing network without making any major change into topology. The small employees are benefitted by load balancer for continuous access to email and VPN. As for enterprise applications; Barracuda link load balancer secures constant availability of   partner portals, VOIP and other services.


The link load balancer is an expert in bandwidth management while ensuring internet availability. It can track the ISP link unavailability and shift the connection to the available links without affecting the services. It is eligible for coordinating the T1/MPLS lines with DSL and cable to utilize more bandwidth in a cheap price. Border Gateway Protocol is not needed in this case. The link balancer has built-in IPsec VPN links to protect the site-to-site connectivity. The DHCP server is there to allot dynamic IP addresses to LAN clients.


The load balancer supports the primary network firewall functions like 1:1 NAT, port forwarding and IP access lists. It has the facility of inbound link balancing while using the Domain Name System. It provides particular link oriented IP addresses to each domain and keep balance in DNS queries to that domain. The availability and functioning of   the link is constantly checked by using different protocols and metrics such as Ping, DNS and HTTP.


CloudAce Technologies is providing the Barracuda link load balancer solutions to their customers. CloudAce is the reputed link load balancer providers in the market. They are offering the link load balancer at an affordable price to their customers. They are also providing 24*7 technical support services for the proper functioning of the Barracuda Link Load Balancers.


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