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Bluecoat Web Filtering Solutions

Bluecoat web filltering solutions


Bluecoat Web filtering Solutions


Blue Coat Web Filter categorizes billions of web pages in more than 50 languages into 85 useful categories that can be easily managed by IT administrators.  When deployed with ProxySG appliances, Web Filter can enforce and update corporate security policies across the network based on these categories. It boosts up business productivity by blocking malware downloads and web threats andenabling compliance.


New and unknown web content is sent to Web Pulse for real-time analysis and categorization.  Web Pulse automatically updates the Web Filter database to provide protection at the web gateway.It supports multi-dimensional ratings per URL to get accurate categorization. Customizable reports providevisibility into web traffic, web application and operation controls.


Web Filter is continuously updated by Blue Coat Web Pulse, which detects hidden malware and providesreputation and web content analysis. IT administrators create and apply new policies to all users, including roaming workers on external networks. Web Pulse provides comprehensive protection against web-based threats for all users.


Accuracy & Relevance

For new customers, Web Filter quickly learns user web habits with real-time feedback forrelevance in new ratings. It analyzes content,within image searches, cached content andtranslation services for accurate ratings. This extends Web Filter with custom categories to support URL listswhich enable global and local filtering.


Effectiveness and Security

Gateways and remote clients do not require downloads and patch cycles as web is cloud connected for immediate protectionwith rating updates. It offers URL filtering with threat analysis incloud architecture to find hiddenmalware downloads, fake software updates scam ware and phishing attacks.


Reporting and Visibility

Blue Coat Reporter has a newinterface, work-flows, custom dashboardand reports which perform of up to 10B log lines for over150,000 users using an optimized customdatabase. It enables access for up to 50 administratorsto their dashboard. Web Filter, Reporter and Proxy Client combineto create an unmatched enterprise filteringsolution.


Dynamic Cloud Protection

A cloud connects user community of over75M users that is broad and diverse. Real-time input of any new web links orcontent to the cloud analysis centers. WebFilter master cloud database updates toimmediately protect all cloud connected webgateways and clients with new ratings.


Awareness and Response

Web Pulse has eight operation centers tosupport cloud defense analysis of over 1billion web requests per day. This blocks malware, web threats, fakesoftware updates,phishing offers and botnets. Blocks only web threats using DLAinspection, allowing users access topopular websites and avoiding overblocking.


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