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cisco routers

A networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks is a router. Routers use headers and forwarding tables to determine the best path for forwarding the packets, and they use protocols such as ICMP to communicate with each other and configure the best route between any two hosts. CISCO Routers can be classified as:

  1. 1.     Branch Routers

These routers increase the power of the network and optimize branch services on a single platform, while gaining a superior user experience.

1.1  3900 Series Integrated Services Router

  • Delivers scalable interactive media services, including Tele Presence.
  • Ideal for high-end deployments requiring business continuity, collaboration.
  • Field-upgradeable motherboard, 350 Mbps circuit-speed WAN performance.
  • 3 RU modular form factor.


1.2  2900 Series Integrated Services Router

  • Provides interactive media services and service virtualization.
  • Ideal for mid-range deployments needing business agility and collaboration.
  • Circuit-speed WAN performance up to 75 Mbps , plus variety of services.
  • 1-2 RU modular form factor.


1.3  1900 Series Integrated Services Router

  • Entry-level, highly secure, cost-effective solution for WAN deployments.
  • Ideal for small offices requiring modular flexibility.
  • Circuit-speed performance up to 25 Mbps with concurrent services.
  • Desktop form factor.


1.4 800 Series Integrated Services Router

  • Provides secure WAN connectivity with desktop form factor.
  • Ideal for telecommuters and small offices.
  • Wire-speed performance with secure data services.
  • Factory-selectable 802.11n access point and 3G WAN options.



  1. 2.     WAN Routers

Transforms WAN routers to deliver high-performance, highly secure, and reliable services to unite campus, data center, and branch networks.

2.1  ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Router

  • Industry-leading performance, service capabilities, and reliability.
  • Ideal for enterprises for private WAN, Internet edge, and WAN aggregation.
  • Highly secure, high-performance, instant-on services.
  • Extends network as a platform for cloud computing.


2.2  7200 Series Router

  • Supports a wide range of density, performance, and service requirements.
  • Ideal for enterprise and service provider edge applications.
  • Delivers exceptional price-performance and versatility in a compact form.
  • Award-winning quality of service (QoS) feature performance.


2.3  Catalyst 6500 Series Switch

  • Integrates web-usage controls, data security, reputation and malware filtering.
  • Applies Cisco Security Intelligence Operations and global threat technology.
  • Combats sophisticated web-based threats with layered security technology.
  • Supports built-in management for visibility of threat-related activity.


  1. 3.     Service Provider Routers

These increase revenues by delivering end-to-end scalable solutions and subscriber-aware services.

3.1  Cisco Carrier Routing System

  • Offers industry-leading performance and advanced services intelligence.
  • Ideal for service providers across all market segments.
  • Scales up to 322 Tbps.
  • Provides industry-leading efficiency, requiring less power and rack space.


3.2  ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router

  • Offers nonstop video, enhanced scalability, and reduced carbon footprint.
  • Ideal for wireline carriers offering residential and business services.
  • Scales up to 6.4 Tbps per system with comprehensive system redundancy.
  • Offers unique service and application-level intelligence.


3.3 ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Router

  • Industry-leading performance, service capabilities, and reliability.
  • Ideal for large enterprises and service providers.
  • Highly secure high-performance and integrated software-enabled services.
  • New collaborative and highly secure connectivity features.


3.4  Cisco XR 12000/12000 Series Router

  • Extends highly secure virtualization and integral service delivery.
  • Ideal for large enterprises and service providers.
  • Features Cisco I-Flex (PDF – 677 KB), which prioritizes voice, video, and data services.
  • Offers continuous system operation and multiservice scale.


3.5 7600 Series Router

  • Industry-leading, carrier-class edge router.
  • Ideal for service providers that deliver consumer and business services.
  • Provides high-performance capabilities with up to 720 Gbps in one chassis.
  • Choice of form factors which are purpose-built for high availability.


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