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The Colocation is a process of achieving scale economies, improved infrastructure, better bandwidth, reduced latency, consistent protection and other advantages by accommodating your servers and other devices into one professional data center.


With the rapid growth extensive and urbane technologies, integrating servers into one data centers is quite an expensive affair, but us being top class CTRLS Colocation Solution Providers, offer colocation services at affordable rates. We offer well protected data centers to make sure the security of your server and sensitive data it contains. We are reputed CTRLS Colocation Authorized Dealers in the market offering modern data centers with large facilities. We offer these services with features like greater resilience to crashes and harmful attacks, sheer environmental convenience at affordable prices. We provide data centers that are completely redundant to make sure your data is live online.


Why do organizations need Colocation?


Usually small organizations look to minimize their costs in maintaining their IT departments, and Colocation is the suitable option.  Unlike big corporations who can accommodate a large team of IT professional to manage the web servers, small companies cannot afford such costs. Colocation opens door to such companies by simple hosting up to running your own Web servers off of a dedicated Internet connection. Amazon Colocation Solution Providers like we offer such services with commendable features and save your organization’s IT costs.


Minimizing the costs of bandwidth is one of the main advantages of colocation. Other advantages of Softlayer Colocation Authorized Dealers are their improved outage protection and the seamless up gradation of the server. We allow you to prefer the scalability range that you need and you are also authorized to decide the upgrade paths and not the vendor.


Softlayer Colocation Solution Providers and other vendors offer co-location services with high-security, that includes cameras, and extinguishing devices, several connection feeds, filtered power, power generators as backup and other to confirm high-availability which is compulsory for all Web-based, virtual businesses.


What we provide?


We, at CloudAce Technologies, provide colocation services to integrate your servers and other devices into one data center and keep your organization risk-free. We provide all the above mentioned Colocation Solutions and we are reputed Amazon Colocation Authorized Dealers in the industry.



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