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cyberoam antispam solutions

Cyberoam Anti-Spam solution offers real-time spam protection over SMTP, POP3, IMAP protocols. It protects organizations from zero-hour threats and blended attacks that involve spam, malware, phishing, Trojans etc. It simplifies email management by re-routing or copying incoming email messages. It uses RBL which is a list of IP addresses who can refuse the spam content in the e-mails.

If a spam is detected, emails are processed and delivered to the recipient unaltered. It generates a notification on the message rejection, adds or changes subject or changes the receiver. Outbound spam arises due to zombie computers, compromised accounts and legitimate spammer accounts.

Cyberoam Anti-Spam provides:

ü  Scanning of email messages for spamming by protocols.

ü  Monitors mails received from Domain or IP address.

ü  Accepts or Rejects messages based on message size and message header.

ü  Customizes protection of incoming and outgoing e-mail messages.

ü  Notifies receivers about spam messages.

Zero-hour Protection

The Cyberoam Anti-spam solution identifies new outbreaks within minutes with the Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology. It identifies spam through their distribution patterns which extracts and analyzes relevant message patterns, identifying email borne attacks of large as well as small targeted attacks.

By this the enterprises receive content-agnostic, multi-language and multi-format threat protection with almost no cases of false positives with anti-spam appliance. This detection technology delivers the narrowest window of exposure to enterprises. Enterprises can create custom signatures through the Cyberoam IPS in case of highly localized attacks by enabling zero-hour protection to their networks.

 Identity-based Security

Cyberoam’s spam filtering offers mail management controls, involves message size and subject by enabling high business flexibility and security. This includes top spam receivers and senders, giving total visibility to enterprise’s email traffic by allowing policy fine-tuning based on real-time traffic data.



Real-time Spam Detection: It offers real-time spam protection against zero-day spam attacks that carry the highest threat level during the initial few hours.

Outbound Spam Protection: It protects service providers from recurring incidents of outbound spam in their networks.

Prevents Email Data Leakage: This blocks email attachments based on Layer 8 identity policies with pre-specified file extensions like .XLS, .EXE, .JPEG to prevent leakage of data.

Email Quarantine: It quarantines suspicious spam or virus-laden emails, notifying users through the daily Spam Digest for potential retrieval.


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