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Primary Storage:


In enterprise data management, the term Primary Storage goes beyond its traditional meaning of volatile data to describe any actively used data. In tiered data systems, it is used to refer to storage media centralized by a Storage Area Network (SAN) or a Network Attached Storage (NAS).


A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a high-speed network that simultaneously connects multiple storage devices with servers. It offers block-level storage that can be retrieved by applications performing from any server, allowing administrators to view any data from any networked server.


A Network Attached Storage (NAS) system is a type of storage array purely devoted towards file sharing. It functions using file-based protocols that provide shared access to connected clients. NAS allows for the addition of more hard disk storage space into an operating network of servers without shutting them down for maintenance or upgrades. Furthermore, NAS allows users to consolidate storage resources using an existing IP network, unlike SAN, which requires a secondary network.


A Unified Server is a single, combined storage infrastructure that performs tasks such as unification of engines to concurrently support block-level (SAN) as well as file-level (NAS) storage using multiple protocols. Unified systems require less hardware and allow the user to switch between file or block storage as needed.


QNAP NAS Storage Solution Providers offers large capacity storage and cross-platform file sharing with Antivirus. These providers are known for flexible management and secure deployment using their advanced ACL capabilities.


EMC NAS Storage Solution Providers increase your storage capacity utilization by twice using cutting-edge data reduction technologies and offer automated diagnosis and technical support. EMC SAN Storage Solution Providers offers affordable systems that are easy to install. Choose EMC SAN solutions for better utilization of storage arrays and centralized access across a network of servers.


EMC Unified Storage Solution Providers represent a brand that has been constantly upgrading towards faster processing as well as extra memory. Providing the best of file-based as well as block-based architecture, this hybrid system is a cost-effective solution.


EMC NAS Storage Authorized Dealers offers unparalleled efficiency and simplicity from their high-performance network attached storage solutions. Securely manage petabytes of storage across back-end arrays with a wide range of solutions such as from the VNX and Ilsion series. EMC SAN Storage Authorized Dealers provide your enterprise with better storage management and complete access to all stored data in the network. EMC Unified Storage Authorized Dealers revolutionary line of products like VNX family deliver file and block based data in no time. These are scalable products optimized for complete visibility.


HP NAS Storage Solution Providers check and scan the ever-changing requirements of file-based servers and minimize your cost of ownership by allowing simplified management, improved resource utilization, integrated growth, and secure data transfer. HP SAN Storage Solution Providers with lower ownership costs and easy management, take your current servers to the next tier. Improve the performance of tasks such as virtualizing and consolidating. HP NAS Storage Authorized Dealers offer a cost-effective, flexible, file-based solution that can provide your organization with a scalable and future-proof data infrastructure. HP SAN Storage Authorized Dealers provide functional, budget friendly, and easy-to-use solutions to your enterprise with its SAN based solutions. Achieve higher levels of performance at a lower cost of ownership by building on your exiting server and storage infrastructure.


HP Unified Storage Authorized Dealers range of Unified Storage solutions are built on a single architecture, enabling your enterprise smooth and easy data management. Improved search functionality, data movement and de-duplication are just few of the benefits that HP provides to businesses of all sizes.


Dell SAN Storage Authorized Dealers and Dell SAN Storage Solution providers in Hyderabad having good technical team to assist the customers.


IBM NAS Storage Solution Providers store up to five times more active data in your physical disk space using IBM Real-time Compression. No matter what type of data management needs you are looking to fulfill, IBM offers easy-to-use NAS-based systems to suit any kind of budget.



IBM SAN Storage Solution Providers the competitive choice for block-based storage networking that offers trouble-free compatibility between storage, switches, servers and the software. IBM’s SAN-based solutions provide you unparalleled access. IBM Unified Storage Solution Providers merge block-based and file-based storage for simplicity and better efficiency. Give your applications near-continuous accessibility to through dynamic migration. IBM NAS Storage Authorized Dealers provide your critical data enhanced protection from IBM’s Network Attached Storage solutions. Improve utilization, access and efficiency at a lower price of management across a wide range of systems.



IBM SAN Storage Authorized Dealers integrate multiple network protocols to help you achieve the storage functionality that best suits your requirement. Stay relevant to global standards by achieving faster and more effective data management. IBM Unified Storage Authorized Dealers give your enterprise the most integrated console delivering file-based as well as block-based networking options. IBM renders access and storage functions truly universal, no matter what your data requirements.


Netgear NAS Storage Solution Providers offers solutions that are designed with ease-of-use in mind. New devices are discovered automatically through the cloud and feature a sleek, modern interface.


Netgear NAS Storage Authorized Dealers with ReadyNAS system is the functional, safe, and affordable choice for your business. Take countless snapshots, replicate data through cloud-based management, and achieve real-time virus protection and encryption; all on an intuitive interface.


What we provide?

CloudAce is an authorized reseller, providing NAS, SAN and Unified Storage Solution from QNAP, EMC, IBM, HP, and Netgear systems. We are your go-to consultants who keep your organization safely optimized.  Also we are Dell NAS Storage Authorized Dealers and Dell NAS Storage Solution providers across the nation.


Secondary Storage


Secondary Storage also known as external or auxiliary storage refers to non-volatile data storage that is not in direct control of an application. A tape drive is a device that is used in data storage to read and write data on a magnetic tape. Magnetic tape data storage is most often utilized for archival and offline data storage. A tape library is a storage device which holds one or more tape drives; it also has numerous slots that help to hold tape cartridges, a barcode and a mechanism of loading tapes.


Dell Tape Drive Solution Providers offer smart, flexible tape library that functions as the backup target for storage area network (SAN) environments for true disaster recovery.


Dell Tape Library Solution Providers with PowerVault™ TL4000 tape library offers expandable and affordable tape automation for organizations whose data-protection needs have outgrown autoloader technology or capacity.



Dell Tape Drive Authorized Dealers offer library segregation for improved flexibility. Dell Tape Library Authorized Dealers provide single robot that continuously serve all drives and media for advanced reliability.


Advantages of Tape Drive & Tape Library


  • Flexibility and Reliability: HP Tape Drive Solution Providers offer several interface choices for supreme flexibility when installing the tape library into a SAS or fiber channel SAN environment. HP Tape Library Solution Providers with StoreEver MSL Tape Libraries effortlessly manage media both in and out of the tape library with a customary bar code reader.


  • Power savings: Tape drives consume less power.


  • Storage: Owing to the small size of Tape cartridges it is easy to store in Tape drives letting data to endure even if the computer itself is damaged or stolen.


  • Easy to use


  • Security: HP Tape Drive Authorized Dealers and HP Tape Library Authorized Dealers offer the maximum level of security to safeguard private information and address compliance guidelines.


IBM Tape Drive Solution Providers support highly-scalable, automated data retention on tape and provide great scalability and capability. IBM Tape Drive Authorized Dealers enable data security and supervisory compliance through the support for tape drive encryption and WORM (write once, read many) cartridges.


IBM Tape Library Solution Providers provide solution with features like modular and scalable design, ability to sustain high density, capacity-on-demand option etc.., IBM Tape Library Authorized Dealers save space in compactly constrained data centers, provide effortless expansion for growing tape storage requirements.


What we provide?

We, at Cloud Ace Technologies, provide Secondary Data Center Cloud Storage Solutions that includes Tape Drive & Tape Library to store your data flexibly and reliably. We are reputed Dell Tape Drive & Tape Library Solution Providers in the industry and provide all the above mentioned Solutions impeccably.



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