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Database Solution Providers

database solution providers

The Solution for Database is a new application in R/3 offering the ability to store, link and access problem symptoms and solutions. Because the Solution Database stores custom information, this application can be used by many types of companies in different business scenarios.

CloudAce Technology provides a complete solution for specialized Database systems. It focuses on performance, scalability and reliability for data source providing multiple activities. Our Database systems have been developed to expand the services developing custom designed Databases. With our cloud technology, providers are rolling out more ways to host those databases in the public cloud, freeing users from dedicating their own dedicated hardware to these databases, while providing the ability to scale the databases into large capacities.

Database solutions have increased productively standardized data for functional divisions which also includes quality management. Our main aim is to provide excellent business needs to get better results with Database systems. The Database Solutions team of project managers, architects and programmers create solutions that enable our clients to gain competitive advantages through emerging technologies.


  • It consolidates the databases into single instance.
  • Load balancing across physical, virtual and cloud nodes.
  • Easy way to reach the needs of the clients and employees.
  • Cloud databases are quick to implement as there is no little installation process required.
  • Increased flexibility as there is no need to be installed individually on every device which is used to access it.
  • Reduced downtime which means business can meet the requirements.

In CloudAce, advanced copy technology is used to provide fast backup and recovery of your data sets. The component provides an administrative environment to maintain solutions for the links. Service is available to the customer on-demand, without any requirement for the installation and configuration of any hardware or software up-front. Our database services offer web-based consoles, which the end user can use to provision and configure database instances. Our providers now are able to offer a broad set of Database as a Service offerings and host them all from a single storage platform.

One of the Database Service providers we use is:

  • Oracle Software Dealers.


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