Dedicated Server Service and Solution Providers Hyderabad, India

Dedicated Server Services and Solution Providers

Dedicated Server Service and Solution Providers


Dedicated Server


A dedicated server is a single computer or network that is dedicated to serve the needs of another computer in the network. They are usually used in web hosting services where a website with considerable amount of traffic makes use of a dedicated server to manage that particular website. This type of servers is typically configured and operated remotely and manages the other systems in the network. CTRLS Dedicated Server Solution Providers like we provide dedicated servers with the benefits of high control, stability and performance.


Why does an organization need a Dedicated Server?


Complete Control


One of the important reasons the made dedicated server favorable is the level of control it provides during installation.  Softlayer Dedicated Server Solution Providers helps you run any application, any set of custom-made applications on your network. These providers offer servers that come with the most comprehensive package of advanced features and services.


Sole Authority on Server Resources



Unlike in VPS hosting, you are not sharing your resources or data with any other systems. CTRLS Dedicated Server Authorized Dealers help you use even the last byte of processing power for yourself (website).


Save Power and Offers More Stability


Apart from the above advantages, it provides more processing power owing to the fact that the server resources are solely used for your website. It’s highly stable and you won’t have to worry about the clangs produced by others.




Softlayer Dedicated Server Authorized Dealers offer dedicated servers that are highly scalable too, like cloud hosting servers by scaling dedicated hardware horizontally. They configure dedicated server to your exact provisions through our portal or API and undertake real time deployment to any SoftLayer data center. We offer these solutions with high speed, flexibility and ease.


What we provide?


We, at CloudAce Technologies, provide dedicated servers to host your web services, applications and interactions and keep your organization risk-free. We provide all the above mentioned Servers and we are reputed Softlayer Dedicated Server Authorized Dealers who solve your organization’s web hosting problems.



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