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Dell NAS Storage Solutions

dell nas storage solutions

                                      Dell NAS Storage Solutions

Network Attached Storage operates on data files as a single device. Dell provides network solutions with PowerEdge servers by maintaining the ease of use for a traditional storage appliance. These solutions enable highly scalable NAS for file-based workloads. It re-prioritizes resources and scales performance and capacity to maximize uptime. These may vary by capacity-dense and advanced file sharing software helps smaller offices stay efficient and productive. It makes the use of Ethernet and TCP/IP connections which enables IT environments of any size to deploy file sharing and other essential services.

Dell’s NAS solutions are:

  •  Compellent NAS Appliances: This enables an efficient NAS ecosystem with virtualized pool of disks for block and file storage.
  •  EqualLogic NAS Appliances:  These arrays store block and file data on a single platform.
  •  PowerVault NX Series: Supports high-availability failover for local and remote management access. Dell PowerVault NX devices are affordable NAS appliances for the innovations of Windows Storage Server 2012 R2.

Users can easily collaborate Network File System by consolidating file sharing resources to improve productivity across Windows and non-Windows clients. The data is replicated through Distributed File System and protected by backup solutions. Dell categorizes NAS into:

1.      Dell Fluid File System

It provides distributed file systems to clients. It may vary based on the back-end storage solution. The total storage capacity of the system varies between 1 TB to 4 PB. The maximum size of any single file is 16 TB. The name-space is limited to 64 billion files per appliance or 256 billion files in 4 appliances. It operates across a symmetric cluster of NAS controllers which interface a fabric to share back-end storage.

a.      EqualLogic FS7600 and FS7610

It uses Fluid FS v3 to decrease the capacity of stored data by 48%. Reduction helps to compress data for reducing data footprint. For data recovery it includes entire file system by shares, exports and permissions. It provides capacity up to 509TB with each controller with 24GB of memory.



b.      Compellent FS8600

It provides ideal rack density for storage-intensive workloads. It contains Greater storage efficiency with block-level deduplication and compression. It scales capacity up to 4PB with 48GB of memory per controller.

2.      Windows NAS Appliances

The Dell Storage NX storage appliances are easy to use and contain stand-alone configurations optimized for file serving. These contain multi-core Intel Xeon processors with capacity of 72TB and memory of 32GB.


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