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Dell Quest Software Backup Solutions

dell quest software backup solutions

Quest Software is a software application, associated with software infrastructure components, such as databases, application servers, operating systems and hypervisors. It is used in industries to simplify IT management. Its corporate headquarters are in Aliso Viejo, CA. Quest Software was acquired by Dell in July 2012.

Quest software is strongly aligned with Dell’s software strategy. The acquisition provides strategic growth and critical components to expand Dell’s software capabilities in systems management, security and business intelligence. It differentiates the company from competitors by increasing its solutions portfolio with Dell-owned intellectual property.

Quest’s online data backup solutions offer:

  • Cost-effective method of protecting valuable business data
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Encrypted, safe, and secure data transfer
  • Elimination of storage and transport of bulky data tapes
  • Compliance with federal regulations

Quest’s popular IT management products provide critical components to expand and enhance enterprise solutions for application management, database management, Microsoft Windows management and Virtualization Management. These products enable IT organizations to maximize workforce productivity and deliver faster results. It supports:

        I.            NetVault Backup Solutions

It is a set of data protection solutions supported by Quest including backup and recovery software solutions. It can be used to protect data and software applications in physical and virtual environments from one central management interface. It supports many servers, application platforms and protocols such as UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, NDMP, Oracle ACSLS, IBM DAS/ACI, Microsoft Exchange Server, DB2, Informix, MySQL, Lotus Domino, and Teradata.

It is based on client-server architecture.

  • A central NetVault Backup Server provides the job management, media management, device management, client management, reporting, notifications and logging functions.
  • The NetVault Backup Server maintains a history of backups in the NetVault Backup database, enabling users to identify the objects they want to restore.
  • NetVault Clients are “agents” that work with the NetVault Backup Server to back up and recover the respective servers, applications and data.
  • The client software is installed on each machine to be protected. The NetVault WebUI enables centralized administration of a NetVault Backup Server from any browser.

NetVault supports tape drives, tape libraries and other backup devices attached to the central server itself or to a protected machine located anywhere on the network, enabling LAN-free backups.

NetVault suite enables:

  1. NetVault Backup and recovery software solution: It can be used to back up and recover data and applications in physical and virtual environments from one central management interface.
  2. NetVault SmartDisk Data deduplication: This offers disk-based backup, data compression, and data deduplication to reduce the backend storage footprint.
  3. NetVault Bare Metal Recovery: It simplifies and expedites the bare metal recovery process by automating most of the manual processes in rebuilding a server. This enables users to restore a computer from its bare metal state including the necessary operating system, network settings, system settings, applications, disk partitions and data.

      II.            NetApp Solutions

Dell supports NetApp solutions with the following NetVault technologies:

  • SnapMirror to Tape enables full volumes on filers to be mirrored and backed up to tape to provide the ability to store data offsite for disaster recovery.
  • SnapVault Manager provides a graphical interface that is integrated with NetVault Backup to provide a single point of enterprise-wide control of NetApp’s SnapVault solution. This allows organizations to back up changed data from multiple storage platforms to a common Snapshot target on NetApp appliances.
  • Snapshot Manager allows organizations to generate, automatically schedule and recover snapshots through NetVault’s GUI.

Advantages of Quest Software Backup Solutions

  • Protects all business critical online data backup services.
  • Fast, easy, and reliable offsite data backup services.
  • Safe and secure.


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