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Dhruva Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Dhruva data leak prevention


Dhruva Data Leak Prevention(DLP)

Druva data loss prevention (DLP) system is an unique system designed to prevent  data loss or data theft. Insync. Company is providing converged data protection facility for protecting the sensitive data. By using this product; user can make or can access the corporate data in different locations. Druva DLP product is applicable to all devices. The complete mobile data protection is available with Druva.


Based on industry leading technology Insync is able to manage and secure a  bulk amount of data for organizations. It is easy to deploy and constant back up keeps the data protected. Usually lost/stolen devices are the source of data leakage. In case of BYOD (Bring your own device) environment of IT, it is essential to separate the personal data from the corporate one. Insync. with its latest tools; safely removes the corporate data while unaffecting the personal data. This work is done with manual remote wipe process or by applying time based auto delete policy. The wiping process is done according to the NSA/CSS standards for disk sanitation.


Druva data loss prevention system prevents the unauthorized data access from lost/stolen devices by enabling the device encryption technology. The automatic encryption & decryption procedure helps to make the whole process easier for the users/IT. With the geo location system of Insync., you can easily keep track to any endpoint location for fast recovery/remote wipe of important data. The system can provide accurate information within the distance of 10-20 meters with the details of street & city. As a perfect tracking system, it also displays the last known IP address of all devices.


CloudAce Technologies is providing the Druva data loss prevention to their customers for   protecting the data loss. CloudAce is the reputed Druva data loss prevention providers in the market. They are offering the DLP at an affordable price to their customers. They are also providing 24*7 technical support services for the proper functioning of the Druva DLP.


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