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Fortinet Antispam Solutions

fortinet antispam solutions

Fortinet systems integrate the industry’s security technologies including firewall, VPN, antivirus, intrusion prevention (IPS), Web filtering, anti-spam, and traffic shaping. The Fortinet Anti-spam Service block a wide range of spam messages by using a sender IP database and a spam signature database. This sophisticated spam filtering agents detect and block the messages. It reduces the amount of spam messages that an organization’s email servers process. This service enables the agent to block spam on remote PCs and mobile devices.

Fortinet Antispam technology offers features to detect, tag, quarantine, and block spam messages and their malicious attachments. FortiMail email security appliance provides the maximum levels of protection against email attacks. It prevents email systems from becoming threat delivery systems. It can detect sensitive information using defined data patterns and ensures secure delivery with no additional hardware or software to install.

Fortinet provides:

  • Dual-pass detection technology which reduces spam volume for control of email attacks and infections.
  •  Set and forget functionality reduces security management operational costs.
  •  Push and pull update options provide the fastest update times.
  •  Supports on-board code emulation to identify and block suspicious files based on their intended behavior.
  •  High-performance email routing and security by utilizing multiple high-accuracy anti-spam filters.
  •  Multi-layer threat detection delivers highest level of user protection.

A large amount of spam is sent everyday by improperly configured or virus-infected host email servers. FortiGuard Anti-Spam Service maintains a global IP reputation database based on information gathered from multiple sources. Customized spam filters can be created to filter email for banned words, blocked and allowed email sender addresses, and highly sophisticated techniques.

FortiMail extends anti-spam feature including inbound and outbound scanning. Its end-point security agents extend anti-spam protection to remote desktop computers, mobile laptops, and smartphones that operate outside the network. Its inbound filtering engine blocks spam and malware before it can clog a network and affect users. Its outbound technology prevents outbound spam or malware from causing other anti-spam gateways to blacklist the users. It can be deployed in the cloud, gateway, inline and server modes.



Protection for sensitive information and compliance: It includes predefined customizable dictionaries and Identity Based Encryption (IBE) with email archiving.

Highest Performance: By FortiMail it provides the highest performing messaging security solution in the industry.

Unparalleled Deployment Flexibility: Gateway, inline and server modes form factors to ensure a seamless fit for all environments.


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