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Fortinet Web Filtering Solutions

fortinet web filtering solutions

The Fortinet Web Filtering Service provides Web URL filtering for enterprise businesses. It approaches HTTP and HTTPS web filtering technology to combine cloud based service with layered response caching. Fortinet uses its profile configuration to determine blocking, monitoring, allowing the page, displaying a warning and authentication to view the page. The administrator can enable web filtering by adding a default Web Filter profile to a security policy that accepts web traffic.

It enables FortiGate and FortiWifi appliances, and FortiClient end point security agents to block harmful, inappropriate and dangerous websites that may contain phishing attacks or malware content that can expose the organization to legal liability. The malware is used to collect account passwords, conversations or copy personal address books.


ü  Granular blocking & filtering provides policy-based access control which are based on categories, websites, and individual pages.

ü  Push and pull update options provide the fastest possible update times.

ü  Automated updates keep defenses up-to-date with the latest web site ratings.

ü  Restricting access to social networking sites during core business times.

ü  Limiting customer facing employee access.

In the education arena, access is blocked to certain categories. A user with authentication credentials can override the block. This override feature allows a site that is blocked by the web filter profile to be unblocked. Different groups of users often require various levels of access that can change during the day. For this, the end user authenticates with the FortiGate unit to select the correct web profile for each user’s traffic. Fortinet web filtering can operate in three modes:

  • Proxy-based web filtering: It uses a proxy to assemble and analyze web content. If a page is blocked the proxy can replace the blocked page with a customizable web page informing users that the page is blocked.
  • Flow-based web filtering: It uses the FortiOS IPS engine to filter web content packets without any buffering. Flow-based inspection does not use proxy, so the inspected packets are not altered by the FortiGate unit.
  • DNS web filtering: This employs DNS lookups to get web page ratings. This does not require Proxy filtering or packet inspection as the filtering is by DNS lookup. The web pages can be blocked or redirected to a web filter block page before the HTTP session starts.

Fortinet’s web content filtering technology enables a wide variety of actions to inspect, rate, and control perimeter web traffic at a granular level. Using Fortinet web content filtering technology, FortiGate appliances can filter web traffic based on full or partial blocking, wildcard pattern matching, multi-language pattern matching and Web pattern lists.


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