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gateprotect firewall

The gateProtect Firewall is the network information flow enforcing software component containing the next generation high performance firewall system. It allows securing businesses from malware attacks, viruses, unauthorized access and abuse. Cyber‐attacks is increasing day by day constantly and the flow of information is difficult to control. With innovative solutions by gateProtect, the firewall provides optimum support for customer’s business processes to protect their data. These solutions set new standards in the configuration of complex security systems providing a competitive advantage by security. This firewall protects networks from small to large enterprises. It is characterized by scalability, security and performance.

gateProtect provides next generation firewalls with Unified threat management (UTM) functionalities, managed security and VPN client systems. These combine security and network features such as firewalls, bridging, VLAN, single sign‐in, traffic shaping, web filters, application control, virus filters, real‐time spam detection and real HTTPs proxies in a single unified system.

The gateProtect’s eGUI provides an intuitive and effective visual management interface. To minimize the risk of operator errors, gateProtect has developed the eGUI interface concept. This technology administrates the firewall systems for managed security service providers which increase the security in organizations and allows ongoing maintenance for the systems.

The process-oriented eGUI provides:

ü  Saves time by reduction of number of rules.

ü  Deep Packet Inspection.

ü  Reduces the number of user errors due to the visualization of the entire network.

ü  Reduced operating costs.

ü  VPN Support.

ü  Application visibility and control.

The gateProtect Firewall is shipped as a Linux-based appliance. It provides network access control based on a user-supplied rule base used to model the Network Information Flow Control Policy. This Subsystem configuration is loaded by a configuration loader that reads the supplied configuration file and passes it on to the configuration daemon. This transforms the user rules into IP Table rules and manages the available configurations in a configuration database.

The firewalls are designed for the needs of offices, small companies, branch offices as well as home offices. The hardware includes four network interfaces that can be individually configured which are suited as an endpoint for the secure connection to a network.  It provides high-end firewall and VPN solution with unlimited gateProtect VPN clients.


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