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gfi log analyzer

GFI is offering log data analyzer to observe security related policies and applications. It performs log data analysis including real-time event log monitoring for sensitive security issues. Regular periodic analysis for security oriented logs is done to get secured information and event management process. These functions are performed to track malicious activity and for rapid response. Accidental system downtime may happen in small or in a larger category. You can observe the availability, performance and usability of your IT materials from network devices, workstations and servers.

Data log consolidation can be done with GFI Log analyzer. All important log data are gathered, managed and stored to make the whole process accountable which is happening to workplace. GFI log data is offering the three layer log data consolidation. You can access it through two factor authentication and compliance reporting. By automatic IT management procedure, you can reduce costs while enhancing the IT productivity.

Active  network and server monitoring converts the whole process of incident identification, diagnosis and remediation in automatic mode. This excellent combination of characteristics enables the authority to easily encounter the troubleshoot events reported by monitoring system. A XML parsing schema is available in the product by default. It enables the authority to collect and interpret data stored in XML files. Eventsmanager’s database has been increased to incorporate physical deletion of event logs in a proper way. It provides more disk space. With this database you can shift the event data between two databases.

CloudAce Technologies is providing the GFI Log Analyzer to their customers. CloudAce is the reputed Log Analyzer providers in the market. They are offering Log Analyzers at an affordable price to their customers. They are also providing 24*7 technical support services for the proper functioning of the GFI Log Analyzer.



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