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GFI Network Monitoring Solutions

GFI Network Monitor enables administrators to scan the network for failures or irregularities. It can identify issues and fix unexpected conditions before users can report them. The Network Monitor maximizes network availability by monitoring Windows and Linux servers, workstations and devices. When a failure is detected, GFI’s network monitor alerts by email or SMS. It generates alerts by the system when a resource in the network fails and errors are easily identifiable. At the same time it can find a solution for the failure by rebooting the machine, restarting the service or running the status of a service.


  1.   Monitors network and servers for software and hardware failures.
  2. Monitors disk space, services, processes, etc. on servers and workstations.
  3. It has the functionality of Fault Management, Configuration Management and Performance Management.
  4.   Supports for SQL Server and MS Access as a database backend.
  5.   Network status can be viewed from anywhere in the world.
  6.   Monitors users, groups and other Active Directory information.

It includes a Quickstart wizard that creates a series of checks that monitor all the services on the network including Exchange Server, IIS, and others. It has built-in functionality to check the various aspects of the system including extensive checks for monitoring Linux and database servers.

GFI Network Monitor checks the status of a terminal server by login and checking if the session is established correctly. It consists of a network monitoring service and a separate management interface without any agent software. It is multi-threaded and can run up to 40 checks at a time. This allows for high reliability and scalability to monitor large and small networks. This includes extensive checks for monitoring Linux servers. CPU usage, printer availability, file existence, process running, folder size, file size, users and groups membership, disk partition check and disk space can be monitored.

It uses CPU function to ensure that a processor’s usage does not go beyond a certain level. Performance counter monitors internal operating system counters used by SQL Server and MSMQ. The Directory size function checks for particular directory do not take up more of drive space.


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