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GFI Vulnerability Scanning Software

gfi vulnerability scaning software

GFI Vulnerability scanners can automate security auditing and can scan network and websites for different security risks. It is designed to help with patch management, network and software audits, and vulnerability assessments.

GFI LANguard also detects whether a scanned machine is real or virtual. Scan results are categorized into 2 categories.

  • Vulnerability Assessments: includes high, medium, and low vulnerabilities
  • Network & Software Audit: contains system patching status, open ports, system information, etc.

Scanning profiles enables to scan the target systems and look for specific information based on the profile selected. For instance, if we choose DMZ scanning profile it might be different from the internal network. These profiles actually help vulnerability program to focus on a specific area like open ports or security updates.

The default scanning profiles are listed and if it is not found a new one can be created. Some of the scanning profiles include Full Vulnerability Assessment, Full scan, Top SANS 20 Vulnerabilities, Missing Patches, Port Scanner, Network Discovery and Critical Patches etc.

Features of GFI Vulnerability Scanner

  • Remediating Vulnerabilities

It can be done either manually or automatically. In automatic remediation, it can automatically download and deploy missing patches, uninstall unauthorized applications, configure end user reboot and shut down options.

  • §  Dashboard

It displays the data that has been gathered during the scan or audit process. It provides information about the number of computers connected to the network, vulnerable systems, overall network vulnerability level, etc.

  • §  Deploying Agents

Agents are deployed automatically on selected computers. It reduces the audit time and also helps preserve the network’s bandwidth.

  • §  Activity Monitoring

It consists of Security scans, Software updates, Remediation operations and Program updates. Security scans helps to monitor the current state of all the scans which are in progress. Software updates manages scheduled patch downloads. Remediation Operations allows to monitor and abort certain remediation operations. Program Updates gives you a comprehensive view on the history of updates, including the time, status and the file name of each update.

  • §  Reporting

This tool enables to generate both text and graphical reports based on the information obtained from network security scans. Technical reports and executive reports can be generated to be viewed by the higher management for a comprehensive understanding.

  • Script debugger

Custom vulnerability is identified by creating specific scripts. GFI Languard allows creating custom scripts using VBScript compatible language or Python.

GFI provides Vulnerability scanners which are powerful tools that help to keep on top of network security and prevent attacks. By analyzing the operating system and the applications running on the network, GFI LANguard identifies potential security issues.


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