HP Data Protector and Connected solutions Hyderabad,India

HP Data Protector and Connected solutions

hp data protector and connected solutions

HP Data Protector Software is an automated backup and recovery software for single-server to enterprise environments, supporting disk storage or tape storage targets. It provides comprehensive data protection, real-time analytics, and guided optimization to ensure reliable and cost-effective backup and recovery to the current and future IT environments.

HP backup solution integrates advanced analytics that delivers operational intelligence which enables IT to gain better utilization of backup resources, make informed decisions related to future capacity and infrastructure needs.


  • A network environment contains a Cell Manager, clients, and backup devices.
  • The Cell Manager centrally controls and manages the cell which contains a database, runs the core software, and runs the backup and restores sessions, writing session information to the database.
  • A client system will be within the cell. Clients that control the backup and restore data require the installation of a Media Agent.
  • For multi-site operations, the Data Protector Manager allows local administrators to control data backup and restore, but providing centralized enterprise monitoring and media management.

HP Data Protector extends backup to the cloud by integrated cloud capability which brings the power and simplicity of cloud-based backup to the traditional data center. HP Data Protector Software delivers centralized system recovery (bare metal recovery) to virtual or physical servers from a single backup to streamline the disaster recovery process.

The customers can create a disaster recovery image from any existing file system or image backup, including object copies, without creating a separate special backup for system recovery. With a single click, you can initiate the disaster recovery process and automatically rebuild your entire system and the partitioning.

HP Data Protector provides comprehensive virtual server protection by supporting all hypervisors. With VMware and Hyper-V, Data Protector offers advanced hypervisor integration and array snapshot management for the most demanding virtualized applications. For VMware, it offers One-Touch protection, automatic protection of new VMs, single item recovery, and integration for vCloud Director Environments.

Requirements for installing Data Protector

HP Data Protector can be upgraded from Data Protector Express Basic to Data Protector Express by purchasing either upgrade LTU part numbers:

-          TC333B (physical media kit)

-          TC333BAE (eDelivery)

-Minimum System Requirements: 512 MB RAM, 400 MB hard disk space, 1024 x 768 screen resolution, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher and Server Operating Systems (32-bit and x86_64)

-Upgrade: Administrators can configure whether the Data Protector Express Domain should allow clients to synchronize and update automatically with the version installed on the Data Protector Express Backup Server.

-Firewall usage: As Data Protector Express is a network-based application; firewall usage might interfere with the connections between the Data Protector Express service and Administrators.

-USB devices in use: Unplugging a USB device which is in use by a job will not cause the job to fail. Rather, any objects that have not been processed will be logged as not attempted and the job will be logged as completed successfully. Once unplugged, the job cannot reuse that device until the job is run again, even if the device is plugged back in immediately.

-Removable device support: Fixed volume that resides on a USB or FireWire interface, such as a portable USB disk drive or Removable volume, such as a USB flash drive. Removable devices are supported on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

HP Connected Backup Solutions

HP Connected Backup helps to eliminate the risk of user data loss from enterprise desktops and laptops. With anywhere secure access to protected data, mobile workforce can remain productive while reducing the cost and risk associated with compliance and eDiscovery requirements.


  • Automated endpoint protection.
  • 85% volume reduction.
  • ·         Enterprise management and reporting.
  • ·         Connected mobility app.
  • ·         Flexible deployment.

                                           Important Versions for Data Protector:

HP Data Protector A.06.11, HP Data Protector A.06.20, HP Data Protector Express 6.0, HP Data Protector Express 6, HP Data Protector Express 8 and HP Data Protector Express 9.


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