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IBM SAN Storage Solution Providers

ibm san storage solution providers

A storage area network (SAN) is any high-performance network whose primary purpose is to enable storage devices to communicate with computer systems and with each other.

IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio of SAN switches, storage, software, services and solutions to reliably bring information to people in a cost effective way. IBM provides flexible, scalable and open standards-based business-class and global enterprise-class storage networking solutions for the on demand world.

IBM offers an integrated continuity solution for IBM System p servers – IBM Total Storage Continuous Availability for AIX® which combines High-Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP™), SAN switches and Metro Mirror software to provide a robust, fully automated, continuous availability and disaster recovery solution for business critical applications.

IBM Storage offers:

  1. 1.     Enterprise SAN directors
    1. a.      IBM System Storage SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2

-          IBM System Storage SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2 provide reliable, scalable, high-performance foundations for mission-critical storage.

-          It reduces network complexity, management and costs with ultra-scale chassis connectivity.

-          It simplifies and centralizes end-to-end storage area network (SAN) administration.

-          Protects investments in existing SAN fabrics and automation tools while reducing costs and minimizing disruption.


  1. b.      Cisco MDS 9706 Multilayer Director for IBM System Storage

Cisco MDS 9706 is a director-class SAN switch designed for deployment in small to midsized storage networks that can support enterprise clouds and business transformation. It layers a comprehensive set of intelligent features onto a high-performance, protocol-independent switch fabric.

-          Enables up to 12 Tbps front panel FC, line rate, non-blocking system-level switching capacity.

-          Supports IBM z Systems FICON and Linux environments.

-          Enable virtual storage area networks (VSANs) for consolidating individual physical storage area network (SAN) while maintaining logical boundaries.

-          It provides inter-VSAN routing (IVR) for sharing resources across VSANs.

-          Delivers redundancy on all major hardware components, including the supervisor and fabric modules as well as the power supplies.


  1. c.       Cisco MDS 9500 Series Multilayer Directors

The Cisco MDS 9500 Series are director-class storage area networking (SAN) switches designed for deployment in scalable enterprise and service provider clouds to enable flexibility, resiliency and reliability. They address the critical requirements of large virtualized data center storage environments such as high availability, security, scalability, ease-of- management and simple integration of new technologies for extremely flexible data center SAN solutions.

-          High-performance Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) that provide additional availability at the fabric level; Port Channel capability allows users to aggregate up to 16 physical links into one logical bundle.

-          Supports all generations of Cisco MDS 9000 Family switching modules, providing outstanding investment protection.

-          Delivers comprehensive security and unified SAN management.

-          Includes Virtual SAN (VSAN) capability for SAN consolidation into virtual SAN on a single physical fabric.


  1. 2.     Mid-range SAN switches
    1. a.      IBM System Storage SAN48B-5

SAN48B-5 switch is designed to meet the demands of hyper-scale private or hybrid cloud storage environments by delivering Gen 5 FC technology and capabilities with 16 Gbps performance that support highly virtualized environments

-          Gains great flexibility for diverse deployment strategies with the Gen 5 Fibre Channel (FC) switch, which delivers 16 gigabits per second (Gbps) performance with up to 48 ports in an energy-efficient, 1U form factor.

-          Leverage Ports on Demand (PoD) capabilities to achieve fast, easy and cost-effective scaling from 24 to 48 ports in 12-port increments.

-          Maximizes availability with non-disruptive software upgrades and redundant, hot-pluggable components.

  1. b.      Cisco MDS 9148 for IBM System Storage

The Cisco MDS 9148 Multilayer Fabric Switch (2417-C48) is designed to provide an affordable, highly capable and scalable storage networking solution for small, midrange and large enterprise customers. The switch provides line-rate 8 Gbps ports with high-performance, high-density, and enterprise-class availability.

-          Extraordinary price and performance, with up to forty eight 8 Gbps line-rate ports in a compact one rack unit platform.

-          Scales from 16 ports to 48 ports in eight-port increments.

-          Redundant power supplies, fans and other availability features help minimize downtime and improve business resiliency.

-          Built-in management, operational and configuration tools, with plug-and-play features that support quick deployment and easy end-to-end SAN management.


  1. 3.     Entry SAN switches
    1. a.      IBM System Networking SAN24B-5

The IBM System Networking SAN24B-5 switch features both Gen 5 Fibre Channel (FC) and Fabric Vision technologies providing outstanding price to performance value in an entry-level switch. It comes with a single power supply and integrated fans. A second optional power supply provides additional redundancy for increased resiliency.

-          Gains flexibility, simplicity and enterprise-class functionality in a 24-port, 1U form factor entry-level switch.

-          Scales from 12 to 24 ports using Ports on Demand (PoD) capabilities.

-          Simplifies deployment with the EZSwitchSetup wizard and support high-performance fabrics by using ClearLink Diagnostic Ports (D_Ports).


  1. b.      IBM System Storage SAN24B-4 Express

SAN24B-4 Express fabric switch is designed specifically to address the needs of small- to medium-sized storage area network (SAN) environments. It can be used to create a wide range of high-performance SAN solutions, from simple, single-switch configurations to larger, multi-switch configurations that support fabric connectivity and advanced business continuity capabilities.

-          Easy-to-install and easy-to-use features designed specifically for small- to medium-sized environments.

-          Reaches new performance levels with 8 Gbps Fibre Channel technologies.

-          Scale from 8 to 16 to 24 ports with Ports on Demand.

-          Protects existing 4, 2 and 1 Gbps infrastructure investments while positioning for future technologies.


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