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Intrusion Prevention System




IPS (Intrusion Prevention System):


An intrusion prevention system is a security solution that provides a set of policies and guidelines to find potential threats and react to them accordingly. Like IDS (Intrusion detection system), IPS scans network traffic and takes an immediate action to stop the intruder gaining access to the system. The action, usually, is based on the set of rules that define IPS. IPS is usually considered similar to IDS but the man difference between them is IPS can actively prevent/block potential threats flawlessly.


Fortinet IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Solution Providers offer enterprise solutions that that scan and avert harmful network activities such as packet logging, out-of-band mode (or one-arm IPS mode), protocol decoders, and IPS sensors. Cyberoam IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Authorized Dealers like us offer solutions that have varied features such as Role-based access to users, Zero-hour protection during an outbreak. We are also Sourcefire IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Authorized Dealers and minimize the organizational costs of ownership significantly and improve the ability to keep pace with ever changing environs.


Why an organization does need IPS?


Networking security is quite a challenging and important process for companies as it is crucial for its business operations which involve exposing to malicious risks and threats. IT departments in organizations usually make use of IPS systems to defend computer networks from external harmful attacks. Intrusion prevention system helps organization avert external attacks and minimize IT security costs.


Cyberoam IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Solution Providers provide cheap and simplified security with low operational costs. We provide these comprehensive solutions at very affordable prices. One of the main features of Cyberoam IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Authorized Dealers is the minimization of noise like false positive alerts and traffic latency. Our logging and reporting feature involves fast remedial action with high security.


Sourcefire IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Solution Providers, with their Next Generation IPS offers advanced threat protection. These solutions are offered with Advanced Malware Protection that helps in managing multiple appliances at once. We, the CloudAce Technologies being Sourcefire IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Authorized Dealers offer industry-leading efficient security solutions by assimilating real-time contextual awareness, intelligent security automation, and full-stack visibility.


What we provide?


CloudAce Technologies is a market leader in providing IPS Solutions. We provide all the above mentioned Solutions in cost effective and efficient manner. We also offer commendable implementation and support services and ensure your organization’s safety. We are reputed Fortinet IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Authorized Dealers and provide all the above mentioned IPS solutions as well.


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