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juniper Routers

Juniper Networks’ first product was the Junos router operating system. Juniper had developed five hardware systems and made seven new releases of its Junos operating system.

  1. 1.     M Series-Multiservice Edge Routers for MPLS

IP/MPLS combined with reliable, stable, secure, and rich services enable service providers and enterprises to generate new revenue and consolidate networks.

1.1  M7i – Compact edge router delivering 10 Gbps throughput

The M7i Multiservice Edge Router is the M Series most compact edge routing platform. With 10 Gbps of throughput and integrated service capabilities, the M7i Multiservice Edge Router is ideal as an IP/MPLS service provider edge router in small points of presence (POPs), or as an enterprise edge router for Internet gateway or branch aggregation.

1.2  M10i – Compact edge router delivering 16 Gbps throughput

The most compact and fully redundant M Series Multiservice Edge Router, the M10i delivers 16 Gbps throughput and is perfect for small and medium size POPs and enterprise networks.

1.3  M120 – Highly redundant platform delivering 120 Gbps throughput

The M120 Multiservice Edge Router is a 120 Gbps highly redundant platform that is ideal for high-bandwidth converged edge routing applications.

1.4  M320 – 320 Gbps high-performance routing platform

The M320 Multiservice Edge Router is a 320 Gbps high-performance routing platform that is ideal for medium-to-large backbone cores or dense service provider edge applications.

  1. 2.     MX Series – 3D Universal Edge Routers

SDN-ready edge routers that scale in bandwidth, subscribers, and services, providing the industry-leading system capacity, density, and performance needed to meet the rapidly growing demands of enterprise and service provider networks.

2.1  vMX – Revolutionary carrier-grade virtual routing for enterprise

vMX is a true MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router that is optimized to run as software on x86 servers. It helps service providers and enterprises quickly and economically address their requirements with carrier-class routing.

2.2  MX5 – Compact, full featured, software upgradeable

The MX5 is a compact, upgradeable, cost-effective router that is ideal for service provider and enterprise deployments with space and power constraints.

2.3  MX10 – Ideal for space and power constraints

MX10 is a powerful, cost-effective router in a small form factor that is ideal for service provider and enterprise deployments with space and power constraints.

2.4  MX40 – Flexible for campus and data center

The MX40 is flexible, software upgradeable, and perfect for campus or data center deployments in enterprise or service provider networks.

2.5  MX80 – For enterprise or service provider networks

The MX80 supports two MIC slots and four 10GbE ports for flexible service in an enterprise or service provider network.

2.6  MX104 – Edge services for metro service providers

The versatile MX104 router provides Ethernet aggregation and delivers edge services for metro service providers.

2.7  MX240 – Flexible edge router for service providers

The MX240 is a powerful Universal Edge router that enables service providers to deliver a wide range of business and residential products and services.

2.8  MX480 – Flexible edge router for service providers

The MX480 is a large-scale router that enables service providers to deliver advanced business and residential applications and services.

2.9   MX960 – Packed with security/switching features

The very large-scale MX960 router is packed with scalable switching and security features that enable service providers to deliver the most advanced products and services.

2.10 MX2010 – High capacity, high performance, high density

MX2010 3D Universal Edge Router offers 17.2 Tbps system capacity with scale to accommodate long-term broadband traffic, subscriber, and service growth at service providers and cable operators.

2.11 MX2020 – SDN-ready, huge capacity, performance, and density

The MX2020 3D Universal Edge Router is the highest capacity single chassis edge router in the industry.

  1. 3.     T Series – Multichassis-Enabled IP/MPLS Core Routers

With an installed base larger than any other core router in the world, T Series Core Routers are powering the most challenging and diverse service provider networks across the globe.

3.1  T640 – Small form-factor, high-performance, multiservice core router

The T640 is a small form-factor, high-performance, multiservice core router that can scale beyond 50 Gbps to operator backbones.

3.2  T1600 – Scalable, high-performance core routing in a small package

With 1.6 Tbps of line rate over a common IP/MPLS infrastructure, the T1600 Core Router is a leader in 100GbE deployments globally, and upgradeable in-service to the next-generation T Series.

3.3  T4000 – 3.84 Tbps line rate in a half-rack chassis

The T4000 Core Router is a true multiservice core system that delivers reliable and flexible core backbone architecture to carry a wide breadth of services over a common IP/MPLS infrastructure.

3.4  T Series Multichassis – T Series Multichassis routing system

Creates a multichassis routing system that dynamically expands the scale and capacity of the network core, which is controlled from a single pane of glass for reduced operating complexity and cost.

  1. 4.     ACX Series – Universal Access Routers

Carrier Ethernet 2.0-compliant routers enable efficient mobile backhaul and highly reliable, SLA-backed business services while reining in operational expenses.

4.1  ACX500 – Superior small-cell mobile backhaul router for indoors or outdoors

ACX500 fanless mobile backhaul routers, certified for indoor and outdoor use in utilities and railways, deliver up to 6 Gbps throughput and support an integrated, software-enabled GPS receiver. With a raft of targeted security and management capabilities, the ACX500 is ideally suited for small-cell applications.

4.2  ACX1000 – Small fanless router for cabinet and tower deployment

The ACX1000 fanless router delivers up to 60 Gbps through eight T1/E1 interfaces, eight copper GbE ports, and four copper/fiber GbE ports.

4.3  ACX1100 – Compact, environmentally hardened Ethernet-only access router

This compact, fanless 1 U Ethernet-only access router includes eight copper and four copper/fiber GbE ports.

4.4  ACX2000 – Environmental hardening, scale, and performance

The ACX2000 includes TDM, GbE, and 10GbE interfaces and is environmentally hardened for field deployment.

4.5  ACX2100 – Superior mobile experience and network monetization

This compact, environmentally hardened router includes 16 T1/E1 interfaces, four copper 10/100/1000 Mbps interfaces, four combination copper/fiber GbE ports, and more.

4.6  ACX2200 – Optimized for high quality mobile broadband networks

This compact, environmentally hardened router includes four copper 10/100/1000 Mbps interfaces, four combination copper/fiber GbE ports, two GbE SFP ports and two 10GbE SFP+ ports, making it ideal for IP-RAN deployments.

4.7  ACX4000 – 2.5 U form factor and environmentally hardened

The 2.5 U environmentally hardened ACX4000 provides high-performance mobile access running on the Junos operating system.

4.8  ACX5000 – High-density, high-capacity aggregation router for Carrier Ethernet

ACX5000 routers give you the power to roll out cost-effective Metro Ethernet access and aggregation solutions for areas where evolving service needs are driving the adoption of 10GbE UNIs in access and mobile backhaul networks.

  1. 5.     PTX Series – Packet Transport Routers

PTX Series Converged Super core platforms are built for superior performance, transport integration, and elegant deployment, supporting high-density 100GbE environments while delivering industry-leading energy efficiency of up to 0.57 watts per Gbps.


5.1  PTX3000 – Converged Supercore router for space- and power-constrained environments

The PTX3000 delivers Converged Supercore architecture in an ultra-compact 300 mm ETSI depth for space- and power-constrained environments.

5.2  PTX5000 – Converged Supercore router delivers unparalleled performance and elegant deployment

PTX5000 is the first Converged Supercore® router to combine unparalleled performance and transport integration with elegant deployment options.


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