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McAfee Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

mcafee data leak prevention



Data Leak Prevention solutions monitor and prevent confidential data from being sent out of the organization. It can occur via mail, IM, Webmail or any devices. McAfee gives complete visibility and controls the transfer of the critical data. It protects the organization from the risks of financial loss, competitive disadvantage and non-compliance.

McAfee provides easy management through monitoring the details to prove internal and regulatory compliance measures to auditors, board members, and other stakeholders. It allows collecting critical usage data such as sender, recipient, time stamp, and data evidence.

Features of McAfee DLP

  1.   Time-to-value deployment enables organizations to build and deploy DLP policies faster and more accurately.
  2.  Simplified policy management categorizes large amounts of data so that only relevant files are examined and remediated.
  3.   Proactive data protection enables you to identify and fix existing broken business processes therefore reducing risk of breach in the future.
  4.  Enhanced virtualization support enforces per-user policy for multiple sessions and VDIs.
  5.   Helps organizations set up time-saving policies based on location and application types.
  6.   Protects product designs and source codes against intentional and unintentional data loss by enforcing clipboard protection.
  7.  Streamlined data encryption integrates McAfee endpoint encryption to automate content-aware data encryption policies.

Centralized Management Console defines policies and updates agents by monitoring real-time events and generates reports to meet compliance requirements.

The McAfee DLP Manager appliance centrally controls the entire DLP solution and the integration point into enterprise-wide management and monitoring. This gives a single view of the organization’s risk posture and can specify security events and identify causes. It reduces the overall operational expenditure associated with managing and maintaining the solution.

DLP is delivered through low-maintenance appliances for streamlined deployment, management, updates, and reports. The McAfee DLP Discovers appliance and simplifies with a simple three-step process:

  • Inventory: Creates an inventory of assets across the organizations and performs analytics on the metadata only for speed.
  • Categorization: Classifies content into buckets and performs analytics on the classified content.
  • Remediation: Scans the classified data for policy violations, remediates, and registers information.

McAfee DLP Endpoint software instantly monitors and prevents confidential data loss. It protects the organization from the risks. It can monitor real-time events, apply centrally managed security policies to control the use and transfer sensitive data. It also prevents data leakage when data is modified, copied, pasted, printed, or transmitted.


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