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Microsoft Dealers

Microsoft Dealers

Microsoft, the developer of Windows, has registered several trademarks each of which denote a family of Windows operating systems that target a specific sector of the computing industry. CloudAce has a set of core benefits provided to all partners each time they enroll or renew their membership in the Microsoft Partner Network.

Operating systems that Microsoft has developed the firm are divided into two groups:

  • MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System)
  • Windows (Microsoft Windows operating system)

On the basis of Microsoft NTFS file system designs newer ReFS (Resilient File System) that has access to the advanced system disks, and the system with regard to eliminating errors in writing and reading data. All the available disk space hierarchy is monitored and increased options regarding the length of the file name and directions to it using the ‘Unicode’ signs, and some of NTFS features will no longer be used as the short name of file names, file compression, and optional attributes.

In CloudAce, operating system itself has a few basic applications of general purpose word processing or graphics.  The whole range of different products dedicate from Microsoft are:

  • ‘Microsoft Office’ is software support for office work including a word processor ‘Word’ spreadsheet ‘Excel’ office database ‘Access’, a program to create presentations ‘Power Point’ and a tool to create simple web pages ‘Front Page’.
  • ‘Microsoft Visual Studio’ is a series of Microsoft tools to support software development. We are talking about user interfaces, dedicated enjoyable work of programmers that are associated with language processors that support work with various programming languages. The most common ‘Microsoft Visual Basic’, ‘C++’ and ‘C#’. Visual Studio supports a design approach to writing code – without writing code, but the deployment of graphical icons that symbolize parts of the code where the obligatory only some basic features of those parts of the code.
  • ‘Microsoft SQL Server’ is very powerful and modern relational databases. ‘Microsoft Desktop Engine’ (MSDE) is a free version that does not include any additional tools. For MSDE are some free programs developed additional tools like the ‘Microsoft SQL Server’.
  • Special versions of the Windows CE operating system, a specially adapted ‘Microsoft Office’ to the version of SQL Server called ‘Microsoft SQL Server CE’.


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