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Riverbed WAN Optimization

riverbed wan optimization

Riverbed WAN optimization solution is a leading product of Riverbed Company. Riverbed is engaged in producing such technologies that will shift from traditional WAN to the modern WAN services. Providing optimization and clear visibility for enterprises is the main goal of WAN optimization solution. It has the ability of better visibility and control to hybrid networking. Riverbed; also known as Steelhead, has steel central controller for easy management of steelhead optimization installation. Using central web interface, Steelhead performs this work efficiently.

The main problems associated of WAN are latency and TCP window size. WAN can face latency problem resulting from chatty applications and protocols between the servers. Due to repeated interaction, one transaction can produce latency from 20ms to 1,200ms. Depending on the TCP window size only particular transaction will pass through a smaller pipe. It ultimately results in slower application performance over the WAN.

Steelhead basically is a ‘set-to-forget’ technology. It is a bookend technique where one of the two steel heads sits in the data center and another on the edge. By sitting behind the router; Steelhead is eligible to work with any WAN. By connecting the distance locations it optimizes the WAN performance. The Riverbed Optimization System (RiOs), the software incorporated with Steelhead, continuously uses three technologies simultaneously for better WAN performance. Steelhead has 16-byte references by which data already sent need not to be sent again. Steelhead divides the data file into packets. If a change is needed in the existing document; then 16-byte references decides how to reassemble the document.

CloudAce Technologies is providing the Riverbed WAN optimization solution to their customers. CloudAce is the reputed WAN optimization solution providers in the market. They are offering optimization solution at an affordable price to their customers. They are also providing 24*7 technical support services for the proper functioning of the Riverbed WAN optimization solution.


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