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RSA envision is offering security information and event management (SIEM) solution to accurately identify the security problems. By using RSA envision; you are able to see 100% security threats within the information structure. It can detect threats in servers, routers, applications and many other systems. There is an Event analysis self-learning system to show the present regularities in your network. It increases security of information with notification and real time inspection. Through IT infrastructure observation; RSA envision works on IT operation optimization. It performs the work of accounting as per standards and internal policies.

RSA envision converts the log data into valuable information and gives a crystal clear picture about the network events. It is able to minimize the time of report construction and other works. Systematization of incident management procedure is another important work of RSA envision. Overall it helps to decrease the operational costs. You are able to watch the total system in one screen.

RSA envision can manage the changes in both hardware and software configuration. It can receive the images of user /user group behavior. It redirects the real time incidents, for example threats are turned into actionable data. After that, RSA envision generates loop incident handling process and at last prepares a report about the operational points of security management. RSA envision 3-in-1 SIEM platform is used for easy execution process, increasing the security arrangements and optimizing the IT or network processes.

CloudAce Technologies is providing the RSA Event Correlation solution to their customers. CloudAce is the reputed RSA Correlation solution provider in the market. They are offering Correlation solution at an affordable price to their customers. They are also providing 24*7 technical support services for the proper functioning of the RSA Event Correlation solution. ClouAce is always ready to serve your needs.


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