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RSA Log Analyzer

rsa log analyzer

RSA security analytics software gives a total visibility to identify, diagnosis and to take direct action against threats to the computer security. Real time visibility, highly powered analytics with long term data preservation is needed for identification, forensic analysis and other requirements. Now, you can secure your business with RSA log analyzer. It deletes the blind spots in logs, networks and endpoints. Logs are combined with other network packets, endpoint and cloud data to identify the advanced attacks.

RSA Security Analyzer is doing this work by implementing two primary infrastructures. One is the capture infrastructure and another is analysis & retention infrastructure. Three components i.e. Decoders, Concentrators and Brokers are incorporated in the capture infrastructure. Each component is responsible for providing scalability and to achieve proper security watching goals. To activate the application layer traffic analysis in real time; the capture infrastructure must be able to scale out and scale up. This hierarchical nature of security analytics helps to enhance data collection, analysis and archiving when it is needed.

It captures attacks missed by log-centric SIEM and signature based tools. It correlates network packets with other data that are related to security purposes. It works faster than any other tool. From giving an alert, to diagnosis or to detect any breach; it works at warp speed. It helps to prioritize investigations and chalk out various analyst workflows in one device. RSA Log analyzer is modular in design. In All-In-One appliance of RSA; decoder and concentrator software is included to expand the capability of the appliance for easy deployment in smaller enterprises.

Cloud Ace Technologies is providing the RSA Log Analyzer to their customers. Cloud Ace is the reputed Log Analyzer providers in the market. They are offering Log Analyzers at an affordable price to their customers. They are also providing 24*7 technical support services for the proper functioning of the GFI Log Analyzer.


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