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RSA Two-Factor Authentication

rsa two-factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is necessary to prevent data breaches and to protect the data. Besides the personal and financial information; now-a-days hackers are setting their targets on intellectual properties or trade information. Government rules and corporate laws are there to safeguard the data and information. Unlike laws; two-factor authentication is much more effective and quick to save the sensitive data of any organization. RSA SecurID brings BYOD, cloud and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) under its security domain.

It is made up of three components i.e. authenticator, platform and agents. Different types of authenticators are available under SecurID. Best quality hardware tokens are included in the system to provide security for high-value applications. Tokenless authentication is there for offering smooth and invisible risk-based authentication to nontraditional end users. Software tokens are specially made for smartphones, tablets and PCs to keep control over those devices.

Two types of platforms exist in SecurID. RSA authentication manager helps for centralized management of SecurID environment. Authentication methods, applications and agents throughout several physical sites can be managed by the authentication manager. The SecurID authentication engine comprises of a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It helps to coordinate the RSA authentication into homegrown applications. It mainly provides the backend functions to the RSA SecurID authentication.

The RSA authentication agents are there to send the user request for verification in RSA authentication manager server. With RSA two-factor authentication; you can determine the risk level of password and can download a free customized report. It is easy to deploy and saves your money in every way.

CloudAce is a reputed RSA Two-Factor Authentication provider in the market. CloudAce is providing two-factor authentication at a reasonable price. It is providing 24*7 hours technical support services for the proper functioning and maintenance of the aforesaid system. Rely on CloudAce, they are always ready to serve your needs.


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