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server load balancer


Server load balancers are mainly used for providing scalability and easy availability for applications. Sometimes there is a chance that server becomes unresponsive when it has to perform multiple work at a time like monitoring, distributing the loads or maintenance work. Load balancing is a permanent solution to all data center facing this problem. It ensures the smooth running of application during the event. Application delivery controllers (ADCs) are converting traditional load balancing system to modern one.


Integrated traffic management system is included in the server load balancers. Server load balancers manage traffic to several network ports. Balancers help to resist abuses and conserve the resources. Application acceleration activities like SSL acceleration, connection multiplexing and content routing keep control over the traffic and help to enhance application performance.


Load balancer enhances the server capability for larger ROI. It helps to decrease the response and time of transaction for websites, cloud services and other applications. It is equally applicable for both public and private cloud environments. Server load balancers are available for VMware, Citrix and OpenXen.


You can install passive or active health check activities depending on your nature of application or service. Load balancer can perform the load balancing work from one URL and IP address. It can offload SSL and TCP processing for up to 10x more server efficiency. The work of caching and compression can be done in a better way. High performance template based load balancers perform software updates in a detail. These are able to take any workload i.e. from blog to cluster application and beyond that also.


CloudAce is a reputed Server Load Balancer provider in the market. It is providing load balancer at a reasonable price. CloudAce is providing 24*7 hours technical support services for the proper functioning and maintenance of the aforesaid system. Rely on CloudAce, they are always ready to serve your needs.


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