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Sophos Encryption application encrypts the files and folders to protect the data from leaving the network. This application helps to add the files which are encrypted to be protected. The Sophos SafeGuard provides products with full disk encryption for various desktop, laptops and server operating system hard drives. It encrypts an entire hard drive. When the desktop, laptop or server is not booted the operating system, applications and user data cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. This prevents attackers from acquiring sensitive data stored on the hard drive.


Sophos encryption manages encryption for enterprise modules with SafeGuard to set data security policies for groups and devices from a centralized console. This uses Active Directory to import user or device information to synchronize and schedule tasks.


Encryption for Removable Media: uses a portable application and password to secure encrypted removable media with users to make encryption management easier and more flexible. It transparently encrypts files on removable media.


Encryption for Cloud Storage: These allow the users to access the data on any device. It automatically encrypts or decrypts files as they are uploaded or downloaded from cloud services by detecting the cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Egnyte.


This application ensures productivity by securing sensitive data wherever it is stored with minimal impact on performance. It manages all devices in the organization including hard disks encrypted with BitLocker or FileVault 2 and Opal self-encrypting drives. It makes regulatory compliance easier reporting which provides key management to authorized users to share data securely.




  •  Allows multiple users to share encrypted computers without sharing their passwords.
  •  Stops unauthorized users from reading lost or stolen media.
  •  Uses recognized encryption standards for hard-disk encryption.
  •  Encrypts data in the background so that protection doesn’t impact users.
  •  Provides options to encrypt only the parts of hard drives with data.
  •  Ensures fast and secure authentication using biometric fingerprint and cryptographic token support.


The encryption application uses single console to manage full-disk encryption, removable media encryption, file-share encryption and cloud-storage encryption. It also introduces the data protection solution protecting data on multiple systems. SafeGuard Encryption matches the organizational workflow and processes without slowing down productivity.


Sophos encryption includes:


SafeGuard Disk Encryption: It encompasses two types of Full Data Encryption. One is SafeGuard Native Device Encryption which supports management of native BitLocker and FileVault 2 encryption. Other is SafeGuard Device Encryption for Sophos full disk encryption.
SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption: includes Disk Encryption and File Encryption product with centralized management features for individual users and the smallest organizations.


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