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Sophos Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

sophos data leak prevention


Data Loss Prevention enables enterprises to monitor and protect sensitive data using deep content inspection and contextual analysis. Data loss commonly occurs via email and mobile data storage devices. Data can be leaked from the network through exit points. To mitigate the risk of data leak, organization monitors and blocks content distribution. Sophos Data Leak Prevention provides a complete solution for the organizations to implement DLP capabilities within their products.


Sophos Enterprise Security and Control provides complete protection for an organization’s desktops, laptops, mobile devices, file servers, email gateway and groupware infrastructure, and all web browsing needs. It enables software or appliance protection at the email and web gateway which protects Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes groupware servers.


Sophos DLP provides 24/7 maintenance and availability for data through SophosLabs. Data is rolled out automatically by their updating system to reduce false positives. It provides light weight DLP solutions to comply with data security regulations and prevents the leak of intellectual property. It provides a comprehensive library of sensitive data definitions to detect common types of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial and health care data.


Features of Sophos DLP


• Increases efficiency by performing threats and DLP scanning in a single pass.
• Optimizes data leak prevention for deployment on endpoints within gateway solutions.
• Thread-safe text extraction allows scaling deployment in multi-threaded environments.
• Utilizes parallel file analysis of multiple documents which removes the need of sequential filtering.
• All integration resources are available to developers in a fully documented package.


Sophos DLP technology simplifies compliance with internal or external data protection regulations and privacy guidelines. A point-and-click policy engine integrates with Microsoft Active Directory services makes policy administration simple and effective. It delivers a high performance DLP search engine which reduces the impact on system performance with a single endpoint agent that scans for sensitive data as well as malware which prevents the transfer of sensitive data to removable storage devices and applications like browsers.


Sophos implements data protection with pre-packaged data definitions including bank account details and social security numbers. It easily customizes content control lists and keeps them consistent in endpoints. This automatically allows or blocks file transfers at the endpoint. It can easily establish policies to encrypt sensitive information that needs to be sent via email.


File type detection and text content extraction is carried out by the Sophos threat detection engine. It conducts malware analysis and content extraction in a single scan, resulting in a positive impact on performance.


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