Symantec Data Leak Prevention Software in Vijayawada,India

Symantec Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

symantec data leak prevention


Symantec extends data loss prevention to the high-risk data loss channels to monitor and protect information more completely and effectively. It provides robust reporting tools that to make smarter risk decisions and demonstrate the value of DLP. Users can create policies to detect sensitive data, perform incident workflow and remediation, generate reports, and configure role-based access and system management options.


Features of Symantec DLP:


• Only authorized laptops, desktops and other devices to connect to the network.
• Protects sending unauthorized documents and data through Web email.
• Encrypts disks and backup tapes to prevent data usage in case of loss or fraudulent access.
• Prevents confidential data from being stored on file servers with unauthorized user access.
• Comply with financial data security regulations and industry standards.


Symantec DLP provides:


1. Network monitor


Network Monitor inspects network traffic for confidential data that is being sent in violation of security policy. It checks the network with no packet loss as sample packets may leak during peak loads. Network prevents email redirects, quarantines or blocks outbound messages containing sensitive data. It is deployed in the network demilitarized zone.


2. Endpoints


The DLP endpoint scans for sensitive data stored on laptops and desktops in order to secure or relocate the data. It monitors and blocks confidential data from being transferred, sent, copied, or printed by desktop or laptop users. It also identifies sensitive data on file servers, collaboration platforms, websites, desktops, laptops, and other data repositories.
Endpoints address the risks associated with the storage and confidential data in the organization. It discovers confidential data and identifies those endpoints with the highest risk and actively monitors the data. It provides broad event coverage over multi-tiered architecture and protects against data loss whether the user is connected to the network or not.


3. Enforce Platform


Enforce Platform is the central web-based management console and incident repository that is used across all Symantec Data Loss Prevention products. It deploys and enforces data loss policies, responds to incidents, analyzes policy violations and performs system administration.
It can be on a single server and is supported by an Oracle database. Enforce Platform accurately detects all types of confidential data, wherever it is stored or used. It uses three classes of detection technologies to provide complete and accurate coverage across endpoint, network, and storage system.


4. Storage


The DLP Storage protects sensitive information stored throughout the organization. The full Data Loss Prevention for Storage solutions have three products which discover stored confidential data throughout the enterprise; monitor the ownership and use of stored data; and protect sensitive data according to centrally administered policies. Data Loss Prevention for Storage products can be used individually or together as a complete solution to reduce the risk of data loss.


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