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Symantec Event Correlation

symantec event correlation

Symantec Event correlation is a well known product for enterprise security monitoring purpose. It is smart and intelligent in nature. It performs the event correlation work from the logs and alerts of various protection technologies. The detection will be successful when there is accurate rule definitions are available. The Information Manager provides support to predefined rules as well as custom rules based on the patterns of attack. The Information Manager Server also helps the event correlation while chalking out multiple conditions in a rule.


Multi conditioning enables you to define rules- those are supporting up to five user criteria in one sequence. You will be able to draw a conclusion when a series of particular pattern is identified within a particular time period. Multi conditioning is there to provide flexibility to the correlation rules. Flexibility usually expands the working capability of the Information Manager to recognize the attacks and threats.


By using the event correlation; reaction mechanism gets more time to observe and react to the threats. If the system is not able to correlate events, it can read the harmful traffic as ‘regular’ traffic. This technology is also useful to identify the origin of failed logins and searching about suspicious activity from particular IP or user for any designated timeframe. The monitoring work includes card readers, PBXs and voice mail access. Symantec is providing necessary support services for the proper working of event correlation.


CloudAce Technologies is providing the Symantec Event Correlation to their customers. CloudAce is the reputed Event Correlation provider in the market. They are offering Event Correlation product at an affordable price to their customers. They are also providing 24*7 technical support services for the proper functioning of the Symantec Event Correlation.


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