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Symantec Log analyzer is software that reads and parses log files, extracts and aggregates information in order to generate reports on the application. Application log files contain error messages; operational data and usage information that can help manage applications and servers.


Log Analyzer reads log data from web server or application and turns it into structured readable data that can be used by the reporting engine. Developers use logs to recreate and investigate problems, as well as tracking flows and functional errors.


QA engineers use logs to identify errors that were generated during load and functional testing. Application support, administrators and operation groups use logs for monitoring application status, investigation and searching log files for errors, risks and problems.


Symantec Log Analyzer can be categorized into:


• Antivirus log analyzer: Log files can be processed in Symantec Antivirus format, generate dynamic statistics from them, analyze and reporting events.
• Gateway Security log analyzer: Log files can be processed in Gateway Security format, generate dynamic statistics from them, analyze and reporting events.
• Backup Exec log analyzer: Log files can be processed in Backup Exec format, generate dynamic statistics from them, analyze and reporting events.


Logs can be parsed and imported from MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle database. We can aggregate them and generate dynamically filtered reports all through a web interface. Log analysis is performed at any platform, including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS, Solaris, other UNIX, and others.


With a log analysis users are able to define security rules like monitoring user’s actions, tracking IP touch points, Geo tagging analytics, detecting attacks, aggregated reports from multiple security devices and so on. By collecting events from devices, desktops and servers security teams can build advanced security intelligence dashboards. Log data can be collected from rolling files, syslogs, databases, and any other source.


Alerts can be generated and sent to email or other media and can troubleshoot problems before end-users get affected. The auto-detection monitoring system can be used both on log data formats and infrastructure servers. These are automated built-in monitoring discovery and analysis. Monitor errors, IP addresses, problems, rules, and other patterns in real-time.


This also correlates log data to discover patterns and flows. By analyzing business transactions, website visitors browsing sequences and accessing logs, secrets, and application log values, become visible. The log analyzer can create reports in HTML, PDF and CSV formats. It also includes a web server that supports dynamic HTML reports. Log Analyzer can analyze logs of Apache and IIS web servers. It can even read GZ and ZIP compressed log files so you won’t need to unpack them manually.


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