Symantec PGP Encryption Antivirus Software in Vijayawada

Symantec PGP Encryption Antivirus Software

symantec Pgp Encryption Antivirus software


PGP provides data encryption and decryption with cryptographic privacy and authentication for data protection. Symantec PGP Encryption encrypts sensitive data being moved onto removable media devices or residing in emails and files. Data transfer and processing systems exchange large volumes of information between internal systems and users. It secures data in automated processes which helps organizations to protect privacy and confidentiality.


Symantec encryption portfolio includes endpoint, email and file sharing encryption.


Symantec Endpoint Encryption


The Endpoint Encryption offers an integrated management platform to allow organizations to quickly deploy and manage their endpoint encryption solution from a single console. It combines full-disk and removable media encryption with a central management platform to protect sensitive data from loss or theft. It provides:


Maximum Protection: ensuring no files are left unencrypted for maximum protection.
Ease of Use: Once encrypted the user needs to enter their passphrase through their main screen, eliminating the need to re-input multiple passwords.


Multiple Recovery Options: Includes help-desk support features where OTP can be inserted to the machine for confidentiality.


Flexible Removable Media: Symantec Endpoint Encryption supports various types of removable media, including USB drives, external hard drives, and CD/DVD/Blu-ray media.


Symantec Encryption Solutions for Email


By this, organizations are able to provide security for privacy regulations. Outbound email messages are compared against DLP policies and, if it’s discovered that an outbound message contains sensitive data, messages can be diverted to Gateway Email Encryption before being sent out.


Desktop Email Encryption: It automatically encrypts decrypts and verifies messages according to individual or centrally managed policies. Email is encrypted at the client by ensuring communications being secure in the internal networks. It is compatible with Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.


Gateway Email Encryption: Messages are encrypted according to highly configurable encryption rules without software being installed on the client network.


Symantec File Share Encryption


Shared file servers have emerged to access shared information anywhere. With proper protection, shared data cannot accidently leak. In this way organizations have their data stored and shared to secure and give accessibility to authorized users.


File Share Encryption protects data on PCs and enables securely share documents on cloud based file servers by encrypting files and folders. It ensures only authorized users can read or modify files for information partitioning and security. File Share Encryption allow content owners or administrators to specify access rights for specific groups, individuals, applications, or file locations.


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