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Trend Micro Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

trendmicro data leak prevention


Trend Micro Data Leak Prevention identifies, monitors, and protects private data whether it’s stored, in use, or in transit across your network, endpoints and mobile devices. It reduces cost and complexity of data security by integrating DLP functionality directly into existing Trend Micro solutions and management consoles with fast deployment and real-time monitoring. It ensures visibility into data usage patterns and risky processes which make it easier to keep the data secure.


It locates sensitive data stored in laptops, desktops and server which continuously monitors data at rest, in use and in motion to prevent data loss. Trend Micro email, endpoint and cloud encryption solutions secure data from endpoint to the cloud. It provides an efficient and easy-to-use encryption service to keep the data safe in public and private.


Features of Trend Micro DLP


• Supports compliance with industry regulations.
• Protects unstructured data and intellectual property.
• Supports multi-function capabilities such as real-time monitoring, blocking and data discovery.
• Inspects network 24×7 with real-time monitoring
• Tracks and documents sensitive data flowing through network egress points.
• Aids in compliance, identifies risky business processes and improves corporate data usage policies.
• Available as a hardware appliance or software virtual appliance—for greater flexibility and lower costs.


Data Leak Prevention from Trend Micro consists of two parts. The first is the management server, which provides central control and enforcement of policy in several forms, including a hardware and software. The second is the endpoint software, which maintains communication with the policy server and enforces the policy on the endpoint itself.


DLP capabilities are built into Trend Micro endpoint, email, web, and messaging gateway security which include USB device control for endpoints. With central management for security and data protection, DLP policies can be enforced across multiple layers of security to prevent data loss via email, USB, and the web. Integrated DLP modules are available for Endpoint Security, Mail Server Security, Gateway Messaging, Microsoft SharePoint Security and Control Manager.


Installation of DLP can be done in two phases.


• The first phase is installing the appliance. Once we download and burn the appliance ISO file to CD we put it in the test server. The system is on top of Red Hat Enterprise Server so the installation wizard is comfortable and easy-to-follow. Once the appliance is installed we can access the web-based management console for additional configuration.
• The second phase of installation is deploying the agents. It can be done by creating an installation package using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Once the agents are deployed and the server is in running state then policies can be created.


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