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VMware Virtualization Solutions involve cloud management and virtualization and reduces the capital and management costs by improving efficiency. Business stability and disaster recovery capabilities are improved by VMware Virtualization Solutions Providers for your virtualized structure through advanced and simplified solutions. We, at Cloudace Technologies, provide a healthy, extraordinarily performing virtualization layer that virtualizes server hardware resources, applications, and data and makes them shareable by multiple virtual machines. Aligns compute resources with business priorities through automatic load balancing across hosts. Our distributed resource scheduler adjusts power depletion by switching off hosts during poorer load phases. VMware Virtualization Solutions Providers like we reduce application downtime due to scheduled server preservation by switching live virtual machines between hosts and allow you state priority access to network data and resources according to pre-defined business guidelines. Our automation feature allows you to create a profile once and then use it to configure multiple vSphere hosts and lets you to deploy and patch vSphere hosts in no time.


VMware Virtualization Solutions Authorized Dealers with their product, VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite, confirm compliance and performance virtualization management. We, at Cloudace Technologies, ensure improved accessibility to your entire virtualized IT environment without making complex and spending much on the customary clustering solutions. Our range of VMware solutions also includes detecting and recovering failures or outages of applications and OS, providing uninterrupted availability for applications with no data loss or leakage in the occurrence of server failures, protecting your sensitive data and resources through disk backups with no agents by de-duplicating to reduce the utilization of backup disk space, averting third-party imitation costs with the help of built-in vSphere replication, providing centralized management, and allowing you to accumulate workflows with the help of user friendly, easy drag and drop interface.


What we provide?


We, at CloudAce Technologies, provide VMware Virtualization Solutions at affordable rates and reduce the management costs by enhancing efficiency. We also offer implementation and 24×7 technical support services in order to ensure the proper functioning of the virtualization software. We are reputed in offering Virtualization Solutions in the market.



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