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Web Filtering / Content Filtering


Web filtering/Content filtering is a program or a set of programs that helps to avoid accessing few items that cause harm if opened. Some of the items that include in the filtering process are emails, and websites. These filters can be employed both as software and through a hardware solution.


The filtering process involves matching character strings. The content cannot be accessed or allowed if the strings match. Web filters or Content filters are usually part of internet firewalls. It is also used in implementing organization policies that are related to the usage of information system.


Cyberoam Web Filtering Solution Providers offer solutions with many features like Web security, Layer 8 Identity-based Controls, and HTTP Controls whilst Cyberoam Content Filtering Solution Providers offers inline application inspection and control of the Content. Bluecoat Web Filtering Solution Providers offer seamless protection by classifying webpages into 85 beneficial categories that has around 50 languages and thereby ensures an easy management process for IT administrators. Bluecoat Content Filtering Solution Providers with ProxySG offer features that include user authentication, web filtering, data loss prevention, inspection, and visibility of SSL-encrypted traffic, content caching, bandwidth management, stream-splitting and more.


Fortinet Web Filtering Authorized Dealers provides FortiGuard product that ensures resistances up-to-date as per latest website ratings by updating automatically. Fortinet Content Filtering Authorized Dealers also wraps features like automated updates to keep security shields up to date, push and pull update options etc.., in FortiGuard.


Why an organization does require Web Filtering / Content Filtering?


An effective web content filtering solution has the capability of pointing the accurate portions of web content that are not to be allowed by breaking down and critically analyzing the web traffic.


The main reasons why an organization requires Web content filtering are:


Security: As the content in the web is usually aggregated from many other sites, filtering through domain name isn’t just sufficient. Also, the new ways are opened up for hackers and other virus writers to spread the malicious content. So an effective web content filtering involves filtering the complete web based data without restricting itself to the source.



Fortinet Web Filtering Solution Providers with their FortiGate and FortiWifi appliances, and FortiClient end point security agents, avert accessing malicious and inappropriate sites that may comprise phishing attacks, malware such as spyware, or offensive content. Fortinet Content Filtering Solution Providers offer URL database with around 75 categories and more than 47 million rated websites. Their granular blocking and filtering process provides policy-based access control based on categories, websites, and individual pages.


There are chances that in an organization, employees try to access inappropriate content such as pornography and that affects the whole network. So there should be an effective content filtering solution in place to avert such intrusions. Websense Web Filtering Solution Providers offer a special feature, Video controls that provide network security and custom allow/deny filters, allow educational YouTube videos, and regulates entertainment and viral videos. Websense Content Filtering Solution Providers regulate more than 150 applications and protocols through transparent port monitoring. Using Websense TRITON® Unified Security Center they streamline provisioning and offer unified management.


Bluecoat Web Filtering Authorized Dealers by making using of their categorization feature minimize over blocking web content and offers extensive filtering, protecting web-based attacks.  Bluecoat Content Filtering Authorized Dealers implement and update security policies across the network based on the pre-defined categories and execute granular control over selected web applications and operations.


Contentkeeper Web Filtering Solution Providers scans 100% web traffic, inclusive of HTTPS/SSL and controls social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Contentkeeper Content Filtering Solution Providers defend data uploaded to the Web as authorized and not confidential; and downloads is not illegal or malicious.


 Contentkeeper Web Filtering Authorized Dealers guarantees no destructive or aggressive content is accessible to users through a broad Website category database, dynamic content taxonomy and application controls


What we provide?


We, at CloudAce Technologies, offer reliable Web Filtering / Content Filtering Solutions to keep your organization safe. We are reputed Cyberoam Web Filtering Authorized Dealers and Cyberoam Content Filtering Authorized Dealers and provide all the above mentioned Solutions at affordable rates.



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