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websense content filtering solutions


Websense provides Content filtering which prevents access to certain items that may be harmful if opened or accessed. The intention is to prevent inadvertent viewing of distressing material without blocking users from accessing material related to their organization. The most common items to filter are executable emails or websites. Content filters can be implemented either as software or a hardware-based solution. Content filtering works by matching strings of characters. Content filters are part of Internet firewalls. It serves security purpose by implementing company policies related to information system usage.


• Filters inappropriate content, malicious code and other threats.
• Provides control access to protocols such as IM, P2P and streaming media.
• Provides controlled social media access.
• Prioritizes network access according to users, time of day and other parameters.


The Content Filtering Client is enabled to extend control to devices which are connected to the internet at any location. It addresses safety, security and productivity concerns by allowing the organization to block harmful and unproductive web content. Desktops and Laptops can be assigned policies with different Internet access restrictions and logging settings based on whether they’re on or off the network. It informs end-users with branded, customizable block pages and offers a feature that enables approved and delegated users to bypass these pages.


Category-Based Content Filtering


This easy-to-use, cloud-delivered administration console enables to quickly set up and manage different acceptable user policies per network, group, user, device or IP address by giving greater control of organization’s Internet usage. It enables to customize category-based filtering to meet network’s specific needs. It creates exceptions to allow or block specific domains of whether it is in a category that is allowed or blocked.


Block Page Bypass
It grants permission to circumvent filtering settings without the use of any software. This enables users the ability to access specific filtering categories, like social networking, or individual domains that are normally blocked on the network.


Whitelists and Blacklists
Whitelisting domains allows to access particular websites even if it is being blocked. Blacklist domains are never accessible to the users. It provides unlimited entries in the whitelist and blacklist to accommodate the specific business needs.


Websense prioritizes network access for different groups and uses easy-to-use policy templates for web security, filtering and application controls. Its architecture unifies web, data, email, and mobile security products to enable a single administrative interface and unified policy management. The Content Gateway module in content filtering provides inline classification of new content along with decryption and scanning of SSL traffic. It can identify proxy avoidance, hacking, and many other types of content, protecting users from the potential risks of new and unknown Web content.


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