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Websense Webfiltering Solution

websense webfiltering solutions


Websense Web Filter helps to reduce the risk of noncomplianceby using accurate and timely ratings to limitexposure to social media, videos and web anonymizers.It blocks web threats to reduce malware infections.It is an easy-to-deploy transparent filter and security solution that avoids the complexity of a proxy gateway. Advanced threats involve sophisticated attacks with built-in techniques for detection and sensitive data from leaving the organization. Websense Web filtering Solutions include:


• Allowing seamless access to Web resources for on-premise, remote and mobile workersto make sensitive data remain secure.
• Stopping advanced threats which identify Zero-day malware and other malicious activity.
• Provides comprehensive protection to unify inbound and outbound Web defenses by blocking threats.
• Prevents Data Theft which simplifies data security and compliance.
• Identifies data theft through custom encryption or data transmitted in small amounts over time to evade detection.
• Identifies and secures sensitive data within an image with imbedded Optical Character Recognition technology.
• Control Insider Threats by identifying high risk employees and providing proactive user education.


It provides threat protection, web control, simplified management and reporting. It consists of components that work together to monitor Internet requests, log activity, apply Internet usage filters, and report on activity. It provides the flexibility to scale a deployment to suit the organization needs. The services router redirects the URL to the local Websense server which contains database and the Web filtering policies. The server then compares the URL against its database and returns the result according to its configured policy.


It can be integrated with third-party proxy, firewall, router products and Citrix application servers. This communicates with Websense Filtering Service to evaluate whether the Internet requests passing through it should be blocked or allowed. If the filtering service is not in use Websenseprovides Network Agent which can monitor and filter HTTP/HTTPS/FTP requests.Microsoft SQL Server is used to store Websense data.


The Websense Threat Seeker Cloud provides the core collective security intelligence. It unites more than 900million endpoints for security defenses. It offers real-timesecurity updates that block advanced threats, malware, phishing attacks, lures and scams and provides the latest web ratings. Its main purpose is to store adatabase of categories with associated URLs.


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