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Ipswitch, Inc. develops and markets software products and services for businesses worldwide which are headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts. WhatsUp is a product developed by Ipswitch for network management. WhatsUp enables to monitor the performance and availability of networks, applications, servers, and devices from a single dashboard without high costs or complicated implementation.




WhatsUp provides a unified platform to monitor, alert, and report on the performance of your multi-vendor IT infrastructure. It is a unified network; server and application monitor which has the following features.


• Avoids downtime: Helps to find and fix problems fast.
• Automatically discovers, inventory and monitor of all devices on wired and wireless networks.
• Eliminates alert storms with automatic dependency discovery and alert suppression.
• Quickly visualizes and isolates performance problems with dynamic Layer 2/3 maps.
• Gains total visibility at much less cost with our industry-leading device-based licensing.


This improves visibility control and reduces the time spent isolating root causes of infrastructure problems. It can consolidate wired and wireless networks and systems monitoring into a unified dashboard that lets to drill down to the source of any problem, no matter how complex, without switching interfaces.


Monitors performance and availability of network devices, tracks bandwidth usage, and improves network, server, and application performance to meet ever changing business demands. System management includes distributing equipment and software, configuring it, maintaining it, and setting up monitoring, troubleshooting and notification escalation processes.


WhatsUp includes automation network device changes and configures management processes, including configuration file backup, restore and storage.


  1. Gains control over critical infrastructure changes.
  2. Saves time with configuration and change automation.
  3. Ensures accountability and compliance.


Speeds up response time to network threats and meets regulatory mandates more effectively. The monitoring solutions can save time and effort by automating log collection and gains security intelligence. It reduces risk and liability and quickly responds to audits and performs forensic analysis.


There are 3 editions for WhatsUp Monitoring solutions:


  • Premium Edition: Ensures IT infrastructure health and availability across mission critical networks for enterprise and government.
  • Standard Edition: Essential network monitor for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Distributed Edition: Scalable and affordable enterprise IT and network monitoring for distributed networks.


WhatsUp monitors anything with an IP address that is accessible by standard monitoring protocols like SNMP, WMI and SSH. It accesses the WMI library to select from thousands of performance counters to monitor your Windows servers and applications. It also develops custom monitors using PowerShell and Active Scripts, and SQL Queries.


  1. Resolves issues faster by managing all components of application performance across physical, virtual, wired and wireless infrastructures.
  2. Rapidly isolates problem sources by connecting application dependencies.
  3. Easily tailor monitoring activities to SLA standards for compliance reporting.
  4. Monitors Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco applications like Exchange, SharePoint, IIS, Active Directory, Lync, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, SQL Server, etc.


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