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Winmagic Encryption Antivirus Software

winmagic encryption antivirus software


WinMagic provides encryption solutions enterprise software for managing encrypted products on the corporate network. For data stored on the corporate networks, encryption is a solution as it prevents people from reading computer’s hard drive without knowing the password. The Anti-Theft Technology helps to ensure the highest levels of hardware security as well as product compatibility.

Enterprise Whole Disk Encryption provides a solution for protecting the sensitive digital data on Windows, Mac, and Linux portable devices from theft, unauthorized access and tampering. When computers utilize whole-disk encryption, they are protected from unauthorized access in the event even if they are lost or stolen.



  • Compatible with all editions of Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000 as well as Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and Linux platforms.
  •  All data remains encrypted when the computer is turned off. Unauthorized individuals are unable to access data stored on the computer in the event if it is lost or stolen.
  • Data is recoverable if the startup password is lost or forgotten.
  • Auto-boot simplifies the logon process.
  • Available for Linux laptops running several supported distributions.
  • Encryption can be done on removable media such as USB flash drives or external hard drives.


WinMagic’s SecureDoc data encryption and security solution protects sensitive data stored on desktops, servers as well as portable media such as laptops and removable media including USB thumb drives and CD/DVDs. This provides disk encryption and data security which secures data at rest. It has two components. The client software which is used to encrypt and protect data and the server software used to configure, deploy, and manage encryption for an entire organization. It provides complete protection of the data stored on hard drive. The pre-boot password is stored on the drive making it impossible to hack. If the drive is moved to another system, the user still needs to know the password in order to unlock the drive to access the content.

All devices that access organizational data can be managed by one console with SecureDoc. WinMagic’s encryption works with SATA hard drive or OPEL drive. With standard SATA drives, the entire drive must be encrypted as part of the formatting which may take up to hours. Once the initial encryption is complete, the drive performs as a normal disk. OPEL drives do not require this initial encryption process.

The Standalone Edition allows organizations to deal with the security of their IT environment by Full Disk Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, Removable Media Encryption and File and Folder Encryption. These features increase security, mitigate business risk and meet government and regulatory requirements for hard drive encryption.


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