Fortigate Firewall Configuration and Solutions

The FortiGate is a reduced security apparatus perfect as an edge firewall for disseminated ventures and SMBs. Controlled by FortiOS 5, it is furnished with hearty and exhaustive access and security advancements. This demo gives looks of its security, system, endpoint control, perceivability capacities and Fortinet’s entrance gadget mix, to be specific the FortiAP and FortiSwitch. It additionally highlights the usability with its instinctive WebUI and presentations of profound logical data.


Do you need to convey a High Performance Data Center Firewall, an Enterprise Next Generation Firewall or a littler UTM gadget for your Distributed Enterprise site or Small Business, there is a FortiGate physical or virtual apparatus to fit your one of kind Network Security prerequisites?


It joins both the FortiO Operating System with custom FortiASIC processors and the most recent era CPUs to give propelled security from modern, profoundly focused on assaults, without turning into a system bottleneck.

  • FortiOS empowers you to look over a wide scope of world-class security capacities and design alternatives, anything from unadulterated a High Performance Traditional Firewall to completely stacked cutting edge firewall to a complete Unified Threat Management gadget.
  • FortiGuard Lab’s full arrangement of Integrated Subscription based Security Services were outlined starting from the earliest stage to amplify insurance and enhance execution over the full scope of Fortinet’s security stages.
  • FortiCarrier gives upgraded FortiOS security highlights particularly intended for 4G LTE Carrier and ISP Networks
  • FortiASIC processors convey to a great degree High Performance, Ultra-low dormancy and unmatched versatility.

Things To See:

  • The business’ quickest firewall machine 160Gbps throughput and numerous 40G, QSFP ports.
  • NSS Labs “Prescribed” Next Generation Firewalls with five times cutting edge execution.
  • A coordinated NSS Labs “Suggested” Breach Detection System (otherwise known as “sandbox”)
  • High switch port thickness and Power over Ethernet (PoE ) bolster on littler UTM apparatus conveys secure wired and remote access and integration .
  • Cloud-Ready – Multi-occupant/Virtual Domain bolster, Support for VMware and all major hypervisors, APIs for quick coordination, quick reconciliation with third gathering biological system



1.   FortiGate 5000 series:

The FortiGate-5000 Series Chassis Platforms are profoundly adaptable AdvancedTCA (ATCA) Compliant Chassis Solution that ensures substantial, complex systems, including multi-inhabitant cloud-based security-as-an administration, base as-an administration situations and versatile high limit security passage. They offer greatest execution, dependability, and versatility for your fast administration supplier, server farm, expansive endeavor or information transfers bearer arranges and is perfect for virtual frameworks as they can control up to 3,000 virtual space


FortiGate-5000 Series Chassis Next Generation Firewall Appliances: bolster two, six, or fourteen Security Blades that permit you to scale security and tweak your exceptional surroundings.


2.   FortiGate 3000 series:

The FortiGate 3000 arrangement of Data Center and Next Generation Firewalls conveys the most astounding execution available in a minimal machine structure variable with up to 300+ Gbps throughput and ultra-low inactivity. FortiGate 3000 arrangement have fast interfaces including 10GbE (SFP & SFP+), 40GbE (QSFP), and 100GbE (CFP2) interfaces, alongside high port thickness.


The most recent FortiGate 3000 arrangement models are the main non-frame security apparatuses available to bolster 40/100GbE network and multi-hundred Gbps speeds. Fueled by FortiASIC NP6 procesors, they can be sent with firewall, VPN, interruption avoidance, and NGFW insurance to fit a mixed bag of edge and center server farm identities in physical, virtual, cloud and programming characterized server farms.


  1. FortiGate 1000 series:

The FortiGate 1000 arrangement of Data Center and Next Generation Firewalls conveys high throughput up to 80 Gbps, ultra-low dormancy and 10 GE ports. FortiGate 1000 arrangement have fast interfaces up to 10GE (SFP & SFP+) with high port thickness. Controlled by FortiASIC NP6 and CP8 processors, they can be conveyed with firewall, VPN, Intrusion Prevention, and NGFW insurance to fit an assortment of Edge and Core Data Center identities in Physical, Virtual, Cloud and Software-characterized Data Centers.


4.   ForiGate 800-600 series:

The FortiGate 800-600 arrangement conveys up to 6 Gbps of Next Generation Threat Protection and up to 20 Gbps of Firewall throughput, making it perfect for a Next Generation Firewall on the endeavor grounds. A scope of models permit associations to choose the right ports (RJ45, SFP or SFP+) and capacity ability to best address their issues.


5.   FortiGate 500-300 series:

The FortiGate 500-300 arrangement conveys up to 5 Gbps of Next Generation Threat insurance and 16 Gbps of Firewall throughput, perfect for a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) at the undertaking branch or moderate size business. (Certain models incorporate the choice to grow ports, stockpiling and execution.) accordingly, these midrange FortiGate models convey 5 times the cutting edge execution contrasted with other driving NGFWs-empowering associations to build security and combine gadgets.


6.   FortiGate 200 series:

The FortiGate 200 arrangement of Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) conveys 2 Gbps of Next Generation Threat Protection and 4 Gbps of firewall throughput. This is 5 times the cutting edge execution contrasted with other driving NGFWs and permits association to expand security yet still solidify gadgets. The FortiGate 200 arrangement likewise incorporates up to 54 gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) and various 1GbE (SFP) ports, and in addition control over ethernet (POE) as a choice. This blend of execution, port thickness and integration disentangle your system and diminish organization, making it a perfect equipment stage for average sized organizations and undertaking branch areas.


7.   FortiGate 100 series:

The FortiGate-100 arrangement of in with no reservations one Network Security Appliances convey Fortinet’s Connected UTM arrangement in a scope of machines to coordinate your one of a kind prerequisites. With Connected UTM you get a solitary gadget that coordinates far reaching venture level security insurance with a wide scope of wired and remote integration alternatives.


  1. FortiGate/FortiWiFi/FortiRugged 90-60 Series:

The FortiGate/FortiWiFi-60, 70, 80 and 90 arrangement are smaller, in with no reservations one Network Security Appliances that convey Fortinet’s Connected UTM arrangement. Perfect for remote areas, client premise gear (CPE), retail or human services systems or mechanical control frameworks, the FortiGate/FortiWiFi/FortiRugged-60-90 arrangement apparatuses offer the system security, integration and execution you require.


  1. FortiGate/FortiWiFi 30 Series:

The FortiGate/FortiWiFi-30 arrangement are little, in with no reservations one Network Security Appliances that convey Fortinet’s Connected UTM arrangement. With Connected UTM you get a solitary gadget that coordinates thorough Enterprise-level Network Security insurance with an expansive scope of Wired and Wireless Connectivity choices.

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