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Forti Tokens Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security process in which the user provides two means of identification where one is a card and the other is a security code. These improve security and reduce the risk of unauthorized access. For

RSA Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is necessary to prevent data breaches and to protect the data. Besides the personal and financial information; now-a-days hackers are setting their targets on intellectual properties or trade infor

CISCO Wireless Access Points

    CISCO Wireless Access Points   Cisco Wireless Access Points can be deployed in a distributed or centralized network for a branch office, campus, or large enterprise. These wireless access poin

Whatsup Network Monitoring Solutions

  Ipswitch, Inc. develops and markets software products and services for businesses worldwide which are headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts. WhatsUp is a product developed by Ipswitch for network management. WhatsUp

Solarwinds Network Monitoring Solutions

  SolarWinds Inc. develops enterprise information technology infrastructure management software for IT professionals which are headquartered in Austin, Texas. SolarWinds Certified Professional Program (SCP) for network man

GFI Network Monitoring Solutions

GFI Network Monitor enables administrators to scan the network for failures or irregularities. It can identify issues and fix unexpected conditions before users can report them. The Network Monitor maximizes network availability b

Array Networks WAN Optimization

    WAN optimization is a collection of techniques for increase of data-transfers across wide-area networks (WAN). It is the distance between endpoints and the amounts of data transferred between them. WAN optimiza

Riverbed WAN Optimization

Riverbed WAN optimization solution is a leading product of Riverbed Company. Riverbed is engaged in producing such technologies that will shift from traditional WAN to the modern WAN services. Providing optimization and cle

GFI Patch Management Solutions

GFI patch management software is a security scanner that checks the network for possible security vulnerabilities by scanning the entire network for missing security patches, service packs, open shares, open ports, unused user acc

GFI Event Correlation

GFI Event Correlation manages events monitoring, management and archiving solution that supports a wide range of event types such as W3C, Windows events, Sylogs and SNMP traps generated by devices such as firewalls, routers and se

RSA Event Correlation

    RSA envision is offering security information and event management (SIEM) solution to accurately identify the security problems. By using RSA envision; you are able to see 100% security threats within th

Event Correlation

In network management there might be problems in maintaining the network. These problems must be fixed quickly. It may be a malfunction or connections in the network. Event correlation is performed in a network management t

GFI Log Analyzer

GFI is offering log data analyzer to observe security related policies and applications. It performs log data analysis including real-time event log monitoring for sensitive security issues. Regular periodic analysis for se

  • Highly participatory and inclusive..I have gained a lot of knowledge....excellent teachers...nice and inspiring group.


  • An excellent programme – I learnt a lot. I am inspired to rethink the way I plan and present my work. A very high pedagogical standard. Well done!

    Sajeev K B
    Kerala, India


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