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Citrix Training


Duration: 40 hours


Mode of Training: Classroom (Instructor-Led)


Virtualization has redefined the way IT resources are consumed and services are delivered. It offers tremendous potential for growth and innovation. If you’re a business, IT professional or individual seeking to extract maximum advantage of all the possibilities Virtualization has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.


CloudAce Technologies provides Virtualization Training right from Foundation to Expert level Program. This course is designed, developed and will be delivered by experts along with CloudAce Technologies.


About Our Trainers


The training will be delivered by Expert Consultant and Trainer of CloudAce Technologies, Mr. Kartheek (who is popularly known in the Virtualization and Cloud Industry):


  • He is a VCA-CLOUD, VCA-DCV, VCP5-DCV, MCITP and CCNA Certified professional.
  • He has trained 5000+ technical professionals on Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and also has OpenStack and CloudStack Implementation knowledge.
  • He is a member of VMware VCP club
  • He carries hands on experience working Amazon web services, Rackspace, HP Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Apps and many SaaS providers.
  • He has ability to install and configure VMware ESXi ,Hyper-v 2012 and CitrixXenVirtualDataCenters
  • He has done more than 20 corporate trainings on Virtualization and Cloud Computing technologies
  • He also provides consulting services in Design and architecting Private cloud, Public cloud and Hybrid cloud solutions to enterprise customers
  • He carries 6 years of experience in Designing Compute, Storage, Backup solutions for Enterprise customers


The agenda for the course is outlined below:


Citrix Xendesktop 7


  • Introducing Citrix XenDesktop
  • Configuring the Hypervisor for Desktop Delivery
  • Installing and Configuring XenDesktop
  • Managing Desktop Catalogs and Groups
  • Customizing the User Experience
  • Monitoring XenDesktop Sites
  • Streaming Desktops to Virtual and Physical Machines
  • Creating a Shared vDisk
  • Administering Provisioning Services Components
  • Delivering Local VM Desktops


Configuring the Hypervisor for Desktop Delivery


  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • Virtualization Components
  • Hypervisors
  • Hypervisor Role in Desktop Delivery
  • Test Your Knowledge: The Hypervisor Role in Desktop Delivery
  • Windows Virtual Machine Architecture
  • Installation of windows OS from an ISO
  • Create an ISO Library
  • Windows Virtual Machine Device Support
  • Windows Virtual Machine Creation
  • Installation of  XenServer Tools
  • Test Your Knowledge: Create an ISO Library
  • Test Your Knowledge: Windows Virtual Machine Creation
  • Templates and Life-Cycle Operations
  • Conversion of Virtual Machine  to Templates
  • Provision a New Virtual Machine Using a Template
  • Virtual Machine Export and Import
  • Virtual Machine Duplication
  • Test Your Knowledge: Export, Import, and Copy Virtual Machines
  • Snapshots
  • Introduction to XenConvert
  • Convert a Server or Desktop to a Virtual Machine
  • Virtual Machine Resource Management
  • Events and Alerts
  • Concept of Resource Pools
  • Virtual Machine Movement
  • Concepts of Network Components and Architecture
  • NIC Bonds
  • Create a NIC Bond in XenCenter
  • VLANs
  • Storage
  • Storage Repositories
  • Remote Storage
  • Storage Capability Comparison
  • Test Your Knowledge: Storage Components


Introducing Citrix XenDesktop


  • Core components of XenDesktop
  • Introduction to Desktop Virtualization
  • XenDesktop Product Family
  • Test Your Knowledge: XenDesktop Product Family
  • Introduction to FlexCast
  • Study of Use Cases
  • Virtual Desktop Models
  • Test Your Knowledge: Virtual Desktop Models
  • Introduction to HDX Technologies
  • Hosted Desktop Delivery
  • Quick Deploy System Requirements
  • Configuration and deployment of Quick Deploy


Installating and Configuring XenDekstop


  • Introduction to XenDesktop Architecture
  • Details of License File Management
  • Obtaining License Files
  • Security Considerations Apply to Desktop
  • Active Directory Considerations
  • Active Directory-Based Controller Discovery
  • Active Directory Objects
  • Test Your Knowledge: Active Directory Considerations
  • Introduction to citrix xendesktop site
  • Configuring a XenDesktop Site
  • Introduction to Web Interface
  • Web Interface Considerations
  • Desktop Delivery Communication Process
  • Introduction to Access Gateway
  • ICA Proxy Mode
  • Access Gateway Deployment Scenarios
  • Access Gateway Communications
  • Access Gateway Authentication
  • Single Sign-On to Web Interface
  • Smart Access


Managing Desktop Catalogs and Groups


  • Types of Administration Roles
  • Creation of Administrator Account(group/user)
  • Introduction to Virtual Desktop
  • Virtual Desktop Agent Installation
  • Virtual Desktop Agent Wizard Settings
  • Manual Firewall Configuration
  • Machine Creation Services
  • Machine Creation Services Host and Storage Requirements
  • Types of Desktop Catalogs
  • Virtual Desktop Updates
  • Modify the Master Virtual Machine
  • Revert to the Previous Master Virtual Machine
  • Introduction to Desktop Groups
  • Desktop Group Types
  • Desktop Group Examples
  • Creation of a Desktop Group
  • Power Management & its configuration.
  • Pools and Buffers


Customizing the User Experience


  • Types of User Device
  • Types of Display Modes
  • Citrix Receiver
  • Citrix Receiver for Windows and other OS
  • Citrix Receiver for Windows System Requirements
  • Citrix Merchandising Server & It’s Architecture
  • Profile Management
  • User Profiles & It’s Types
  • Redirecting User Data
  • Managing User Profiles
  • Profile Management Logon Process
  • Enable Profile Management
  • FlexCast for Apps
  • Methods of Application Delivery
  • Test Your Knowledge: Application Delivery Method
  • XenDesktop Policies
  • Policy Creation
  • Create a Policy
  • Policy Settings
  • Policy Setting Best Practices
  • Policy Prioritization
  • Test Your Knowledge: Policies, Printers, and Client Drive Mapping


Monitoring XenDesktop Sites


  • Introduction to Desktop Director
  • Installing Desktop Director
  • Accessing and monitoring Desktop Director
  • Desktop Director Pages
  • Filters
  • User and Machine Management
  • Managing Machines
  • Managing End Users
  • User Shadowing Concepts


Streaming Desktops to Virtual and Physical Machines

  • Streamed VHDs and Catalogs
  • Provisioning Services
  • Citrix Provisioning Services Infrastructure & Components
  • Key Services for Provisioning Services
  • Provisioning Services Administration
  • Installation Planning
  • Network Boot Services
  • Boot Process
  • DHCP Deployment Options & Configuration
  • Provisioning Services Farm Design
  • Service Account Permissions
  • Sites
  • Stores
  • Write Caches
  • Storage Requirements
  • Sample vDisk Storage Requirements
  • Installation of Provisioning Services
  • Provisioning Services Configuration
  • Configure a Provisioning Services Farm
  • Store Configuration


Creating a Shared vDisk


  • Modes of vDisk Image
  • Types of Write-Cache
  • Cache on Server Disk
  • Cache on Server Disk: Local Storage
  • Cache on Server Disk: Shared Storage
  • Cache on Device’s Hard Drive
  • Cache on Device’s Hard Drive: Local Storage
  • Cache on Device’s Hard Drive: Shared Storage
  • Target Device-Based RAM Cache
  • Target Device RAM
  • To Create a vDisk
  • Imaging Wizard
  • Creation of vDisk File
  • VHD Format
  • vDisk Mounting
  • Formatting a vDisk
  • Master Target Device
  • Boot Order
  • Master Target Device Software
  • Create a Windows Master Target Device using the Imaging Wizard
  • XenConvert Overview
  • Image Windows Target Devices with XenConvert


Administering Provisioning Services Components


  • Provisioning Services Hosts in the Console
  • Target Device Connections
  • Provisioning Services Host Properties
  • Target Device Management
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Domain Password Management Process
  • Automatic Password Renegotiation
  • To Integrate Active Directory
  • Test Your Knowledge: Active Directory Login Issue
  • vDisk Management
  • vDisk Properties
  • Create a vDisk File
  • Unassign vDisks from Target Devices
  • Delete a vDisk
  • vDisk Locks
  • vDisk Backup
  • Streamed Desktop Catalogs
  • Create a Streamed Desktop Catalog
  • vDisk Updates
  • Automatic Update
  • Incremental Update
  • Auto update Tool
  • Incremental Update Rollback
  • Scheduled vDisk Updates
  • vDisk Update Strategies


Delivering Local VM Desktops


  • Local VM Desktops with XenClient
  • XenClient Architecture
  • Installation of XenClient
  • XenClient Configuration
  • Receiver for XenClient
  • Creation of Virtual Machine
  • Installation of XenClient Tools
  • Installation and Configuration of Synchronizer
  • Image Management
  • Upload a Virtual Machine to the Synchronizer
  • Assign Desktops to End Users
  • User Management
  • Create a Local User or Group
  • Link an Existing AD User or Group
  • Device Management
  • XenClient User Experience
  • Secure Application Sharing


XenApp 6.5

  • Introduction to XenAPP
  • Why XenAPP & its Importance
  • XenApp 6.0 & 6.5 edition
  • XenApp 6.5 Features
  • XenAPP Architecture
  • XenApp Components & Functionality


Licensing of XenApp


  • Licensing communication
  • License communication process
  • License Types
  • Citrix Licensing server
  • License Administration Console
  • Port Configuration
  • Delegated Administrators
  • Installing and configuration Licensing server
  • License server Considerations
  • License file Management
  • High Availability Considerations


Installing XenAPP


  • XenApp Server Role Manager
  • Unattended Installation and Configuration
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Software Requirements
  • Installation Decisions
  • XenApp Configuration options
  • Web Interface Installation Decisions


Configuring XenAPP Administration


  • Worker Groups
  • Publishing Applications to worker Groups
  • Prioritizing Worker Groups
  • Filtering policies to Worker Group
  • Administrator Privilege Levels
  • Creating Administrator Account
  • Configuring Administrator Permissions
  • Configuring folder permission & deleting Administration
  • Configuration Logging
  • Creating the configuration of Logging Database
  • Configuration Logging Database settings
  • Enabling Configuration Logging


Installing and configuring web interface


  • Web interface Communications
  • Web interface installation
  • Site Creation
  • Web interface site modification
  • Site Appearance
  • Workspace Control
  • Citrix plug-ins and Web Interface
  • Authentication Configuration
  • Secure Access Configuration
  • Client side Proxy Setting
  • Server Configuration
  • Web interface site removal
  • Troubleshooting web interface issues


Delivering Application and Content


  • Publishing Resource
  • VM Hosted Apps
  • Published Resource Configuration
  • Troubleshooting Application Delivery issues


Streaming Application


  • Application streaming
  • Citrix offline plug-in
  • Citrix streaming Profiler
  • Application delivery Methods
  • The Web Delivery Method
  • Streaming to servers
  • Publishing a Streaming Application
  • Configuring sites for Streaming Application
  • Offline Access Management
  • Troubleshooting Streaming issues


Configuring Policies

  • Group Policy Integration
  • Policy Evaluation
  • Policy Rules
  • Policy Filtering
  • Policy Modeling and Troubleshooting


Configuring Load Management

  • Load Manager
  • Load Balancing
  • Load Calculation
  • Load Evaluation Configuration
  • Load Balancing Policies
  • Preferential Load Balancing
  • Troubleshooting the Load Management issues


Optimizing the User Experience

  • Optimizing the session Performance
  • HDX Boardcast session Reliability
  • HDX Real Time
  • HDX Plug-n-Play
  • HDX MediaStream Multimedia Acceleration
  • HDX Media for flash
  • Speed screen Latency Reduction
  • HDX 3D image Acceleration
  • HDX 3D Progressive Display



Configuring Self Service Applications

  • Citrix Receiver
  • Citrix Plug-ins


Configuring Printers

  • Printing concepts
  • Default Printing behaviour
  • Printing Provisioning
  • Printing PathWays
  • Printer Drivers
  • Citrix Universal Printing
  • Administrator Assigned Network Printers
  • Printer Preferences
  • Printer Bandwidth



  • Health monitoring and Recovery
  • EdgeSight Monitoring
  • License Usage Monitoring
  • WorkFlow Studio
  • Accessing the Server Farm Using Power Shell
  • Administering the Server Farm Using Power Shell


Our Training Highlights


  • Technical Support
  • Interview Questions
  • Sample Resumes
  • Hands on Lab

  • Highly participatory and inclusive..I have gained a lot of knowledge....excellent teachers...nice and inspiring group.


  • An excellent programme – I learnt a lot. I am inspired to rethink the way I plan and present my work. A very high pedagogical standard. Well done!

    Sajeev K B
    Kerala, India


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