IT Consulting

Organizations usually maintain confidential information and data that need to be protected. Lack of proper network security might lead to threat attacks and data leakage. We, at Cloudace Technologies, provide impeccable IT Consulting solutions to solve your network security problems. We analyze your network and check for and detect the loop holes in the network. Accordingly we offer a suitable solution that caters your needs and solve your problems. For instance, it’s important for a company to protect its company devices and online interactions against numerous malicious threats. The probability of viruses attacking computer network systems is more. We offer Antivirus security services and monitor, manage and protect your network from such malicious attacks.


We provide Gateway Firewall Consulting Security Services to manage and ensure your firewall protection up-to-date. A firewall is membrane between a non-safe network (typically internet) and safe internal network.


Our range of consulting services also includes Web Application Firewall Consulting Security Services and Web Filtering Consulting Security Services to control the HTTP conversation. By applying a set of rules to protect from attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) and to avoid accessing few items that cause harm if opened by matching preset string characters respectively.


Our Antispam Consulting Security Services helps in reducing the effect of spam mails on users and our IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Consulting Security Services provide a set of policies and guidelines to find potential threats and check them.


Vulnerability Scanning Consulting Security Services help you scan the vulnerable spots in your network system protect and manage network from any potential threats.


We also offer Wireless Security Services protect the endpoints of your wireless network and identify and impose policies on users. We also provide other consulting services such as Network Monitoring Consulting Security Services and WAN Optimization & Acceleration Consulting Security Services. To protect your network system from threat attacks during web interactions.


CloudAce Technologies being one of the reputed Security Consultants in the market offer most reliable and impeccable solutions. To ensure your organization’s network security by providing solutions like Two-Factor Authentication Consulting Security Services and many more.