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Bitdefender antivirus


Bitdefender is an antivirus programming suite grew by Romania-based programming organization Softwin. The Bitdefender items highlight against infection and hostile to spyware, enhanced Detection, individual firewall, weakness scanner, protection control, client control, and reinforcement for corporate and home clients. PC Tuneup and Performance Optimizer are accessible in the Total Security Suite. In the 2014 form, it had a wallet alternative to spare passwords, a lighter output and PC execution.


The Bitdefender reach incorporates antivirus items for home clients and organizations. Home releases support Microsoft Windows, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, Android and iOS; business versions support Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Mac OS X. The present variant of the Home/Home Office security suite incorporates antivirus, hostile to spyware, firewall, email spam sifting, reinforcement, tune-up and parental control components.


A free essential online output is offered by means of the Bitdefender site. The Free form however does oblige free enrollment and is legitimate for 1 year after enlistment. Bitdefender is intended to shield PCs from infections and spyware. Presently they offer constant protection. Bitdefender contends in the antivirus business against Avira, BullGuard, F-Secure, FRISK, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda Security, Sophos, Symantec and Trend Micro among others.


Bitdefender Antispam NeuNet:

Bitdefender Anti spam NeuNet short for Neural Network is an anti spam channel pre trained by the Bitdefender Anti spam Lab on a progression of spam messages, so it figures out how to perceive new spam by seeing its likenesses with the messages it has officially inspected.


Anti Virus Control:

Joined in the 2010 item suites, Bitdefender presented another innovation, ‘Dynamic Virus Control, in August 2009 it ceaselessly screens every project (particular procedures) running on the PC, as it executes, and it noticed any malware-like activities. Each of these activities is scored and when a given limit is come to, the procedure is accounted for as hurtful. Dissimilar to heuristic innovations that check executable documents when they are gotten to or initially begun, Active Virus Control screens everything applications do the length of they are dynamic. On account of this methodology, Active Virus Control is a third layer of barrier.



In May 2006 Bitdefender presented another innovation, B-HAVE, to decrease reliance on infection marks through proactive identification of obscure dangers. This innovation is taking into account behavioral investigation in a virtualized situation. To figure out if a system is malignant or not, this innovation makes utilization of a virtual PC in which records are executed and investigated. The virtual PC incorporates an arrangement of virtual equipment gadgets, copying the design of a regular PC.

B-HAVE checks for qualities known not connected with malware. A system may be regarded to be malevolent in the event that it endeavors to alter certain records, read from or keep in touch with a delicate territory of the memory or make a record that is a result of a known infection.

At the point when endeavoring to utilize a non-trusted system, B-HAVE postpones the starting until the program’s conduct and attributes are dissected and inventoried in the virtual environment. In the event that no vindictive activities are distinguished, B-HAVE begins the system ordinarily; if a suspect behavior is available, B-HAVE consequently isolates or erases the application.


PHOTON Technology

In its 2014 variant, Bitdefender now highlights the “PHOTON Technology” which makes it feasible for Bitdefender to noticeably enhance PC speed and execution by slowly adjusting to each PC.


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